Solid Microsoft Brings The GAMES at E3

phil spencer e3After enduring much criticism after last year’s showing at E3, Microsoft have had to go back to the drawing board and return with a revamped image, and a console with a stellar line-up of gaming titles strong enough to win the ongoing “console war”. In recent months, Phil Spencer (head of all things Xbox) has spoken frequently about keeping the company’s focus on the most important aspect of any console, the games, but was this just rhetoric, or has he, and Microsoft Game Studios as a whole, been able to back up his bold words…

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Feature: What Do We Want From Games?


Have you ever sat on the sofa, office chair or throne staring into the screen of your television or monitor as no games spin in your PC or Console tray, quietly waiting for a perfect reality and your dream game to appear? Let us step into this zany, creative world where a Utopian games developer has stepped forward to conform to your every need. What do we want from games? Rory Mullan investigates… Continue reading

Friday Feeling: Most Talked About Games At E3 2013

Friday Feeling

So that was E3! After a couple of luke-warm years, E3 was back with a bang this year with a bevy of enticing titles across all formats, current and next-gen. We’ve scoured the internet and found the 5 games that have been getting the most buzz. Read on to find out which… Continue reading

E3: What To Expect For PC


We continue our look at next week’s E3 conference by taking a look at the PC market. It’s an exciting and vibrant time for PC gamers, and while some might be worried that the PS4 and Xbox One might steal some of their thunder, there are plenty of games and developments ahead… Continue reading

State of Play: What Microsoft Need To Do Next

Games Xbox

Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal has split gamers right down the middle. While some are excited by the new technologies underpinning the machine and can happily wait until E3 for the consoles game line-up, just as many are worried by the companies multi-media focus and lack of clarity on pre-owned and online functions. After being the market leader for so long, we look at what Microsoft needs to do next to keep gamers happy and onside… Continue reading

FATcast 03: Bionicle of War

Snake is proud to deliver to you FATcast 01.

Snake is proud to deliver to you FATcast 03

The Low Fat Gaming team returns on another FatCast! This week the guys tell us their darkest secrets about Dark Souls, hate on Max Payne 3, reveal which Lord of the Rings character they’d be and find some troubling merchandise in Australia…

All this and more inside – download it here!

Hate-Box: If you liked The Witcher 2 – you’re wrong!

We’re back with another Hate-Box! This week, angry man Matt Reynolds tells us his thoughts on The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings. This is going to be interesting…

Ah, The Witcher 2. Critical darling, loved by the sweaty gaming masses and media outlets alike. The saucy, bloody tale of a monster-slaying mutant; ostracised by the society around him but fighting on for the good of the world regardless. It has action, romance, monsters, political intrigue, and good ol’ ass n’ titties. LOTS of ass n’ titties. What most don’t realise is there is a problem. A big problem. Its one that only a select elite have discovered, peering through the veil like old soothsayers; parting the curtain to get to the ugly truth beneath – and the ugly truth is this.

The Witcher 2 is a huge, steaming turd of a game. A real Grade A stinker. With bits of sweetcorn stuck in it. Continue reading

Friday Feeling: Cheap Steam Games to Get You Feeling Good!

With the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 now at the end of their lives, many console gamers have made the switch to PC till the next generation begins later this year. So, we’ve gone through every single Steam game and picked out 15 games that are high in quality and cheap in price to help you get the most out of Steam. Continue reading

Friday Feeling: Upcoming RPGs to get you feeling good.

Games, eh?  We love them, you love them.  If there’s one genre that really gets us salivating here at Low Fat Gaming though, it’s RPGs.  Can’t get enough of them.  Here are a few that we reckon will have that Low Fat Gaming goodness… Continue reading