Friday Feeling: 5 Games To Watch In 2015

Friday Feeling

It’s the return (again) of Friday Feeling – your weekly slice of gaming’s past, present and future. This week, Dave takes a look at 5 games that are guaranteed to be leaving a hefty dent in your bank account in 2015. Read on, brave soul!

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FatCast #16: Rise Of The FatCast

It’s that time again! A brand new FatCast, the first in 4 whole months – and the first of many… yes, it’s the RISE OF THE FATCAST.

In this episode Dave, Matt and Sam talk about bad-Nazi’s (are there any other kind? We find out some were worse than others!), random celebrity encounters, modern obsession with the word RISE and some GAMES!

We hope you enjoy it, give it a listen (especially if you’ve never tried us before!) and let us know what you think – click the link to stream or download:

Review: Mario Kart 8


It has now been twenty-two years since the original Mario Kart powered its way into the hearts of gamers across the world on the SNES, with its winning formula of combat racing and familiar Nintendo characters, making it an instant classic and one of the finest multiplayer games ever created. Now though, Nintendo bring this classic series to the Wii U, presenting the first ever Mario Kart game to feature HD visuals, but putting its graphical upgrades aside, does the tried and tested gameplay still hold up today? And is it really the game that Wii U owners have been waiting on?

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Review-Child of Light


Arriving with very little fanfare, Ubisoft Montreal’s modern day fairy tale, Child of Light, emerges on all platforms into an industry dominated by repetitive first person shooters and tiresome annual updates, to offer gamers something entirely different. It is an artistic and dreamlike RPG adventure that’s unlike anything else on this year’s release schedule, a refreshing change for those hungry for something more in their video games, and perhaps best of all, it’s also very, very good…

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The FATcast that shall not be named!

A collection of men, as handsome as they are intelligent, come together to discuss many great things-it’s mind blowing, it’s death defying and it really must be heard to be believed!

Okay, so we lied, it’s not really death defying, but it does feature; The Ultimate Warrior (not in person), Nights into Dreams, birthday wishes, fictitious LFG awards, Metal Gear Solid and much, much more! It could be the greatest FATcast yet, but it probably isn’t.