Feature: What Do We Want From Games?


Have you ever sat on the sofa, office chair or throne staring into the screen of your television or monitor as no games spin in your PC or Console tray, quietly waiting for a perfect reality and your dream game to appear? Let us step into this zany, creative world where a Utopian games developer has stepped forward to conform to your every need. What do we want from games? Rory Mullan investigates… Continue reading

E3: What To Expect For PC


We continue our look at next week’s E3 conference by taking a look at the PC market. It’s an exciting and vibrant time for PC gamers, and while some might be worried that the PS4 and Xbox One might steal some of their thunder, there are plenty of games and developments ahead… Continue reading

E3: What To Expect From Sony


E3 is just around the corner and it promises to be the best in recent years. With Sony working from a position of strength, Microsoft looking to win gamers over, Nintendo ready to unleash their cast of stars and the third parties looking to build for a new generation we’re in for an exciting time. Don’t forget the vibrant and interesting PC scene either – we haven’t! Join us then as we look at all the parties involved, starting with Sony who we expect to put the PS4 front and center… Continue reading

Friday Feeling: 2013 Most Anticipated Games; Voted For By You!

FRIDAY FEELING is back! This week, it’s a little different. We asked our community what their most anticipated (announced) games of 2013 were. Our community responded. We’ll be doing it all over again after E3, but for now these are officially Low Fat Gaming’s 5 most anticipated titles of 2013… Continue reading

Horizon: Watch_Dogs

Going beyond the limits of today’s open world games.

Going beyond the limits of today’s open world games.

E3 2012. There’s one name on everybody’s lips. Watch_Dogs. Ubisoft had a show-stealer on its hands. What was this demo that had taken the gaming world by surprise and left everyone wanting more? Rumour was rampant; It’s a next-generation game. It’s a futuristic Assassin’s Creed. It was a tech demo. It’s a current-generation game. Fast forward to February 20th 2013 and the PS4 reveal. There’s one name on everybody’s lips.

It’s Watch_Dogs. Continue reading

Feature: PS4 – The Next Generation – Part 2

In Part 2 of our PS4 reveal feature, Matt Reynolds delves into what we all wanted to see and talks games…

With the much-anticipated description of the new console out-of-the-way it was time for journalists and public alike to get a glimpse into what true, next generation gaming was going to look like. First up were Guerilla Studios with Killzone: Shadow Fall. Setting a trend that would continue throughout the event, and most probably the whole generation; the Killzone sequel shied away from a numerical fixture and instead made use of a subtitle. Developers are seemingly keen to emphasise that this is the start of a brand new era in gaming; leaving behind the trilogies of the last gen. The game looks absolutely stunning; to see it in motion is to see the future of console graphics power. A gameplay walkthrough that started on a dropship flying through an enormous city before settling on a rooftop, witnessing a terrorist attack and then enduring a hectic shootout; the game is pure orgasm for the eyeballs. The only worry stems from the hard fact that this is still just a generic FPS and graphics aside it brings nothing new to the table. We still haven’t forgotten the Killzone debacle from a few years back either – will the finished article actually look this good? Time will tell.

No denying, Killzone: Shadowfall is a beauty.

No denying it, Killzone: Shadowfall is a beauty.

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Friday Feeling: Upcoming Next Gen Games To Make You Feel Good!

It’s Friday – the STRONGEST of weekdays! As we head into the weekend, we take a look at some of the next generation games that are BOUND to get those juices flowing and make you feel good. Join us for another wonderful Friday Feeling, where if it feels good then you KNOW it’s right… Continue reading