10 Last Gen Games That Simply Must Be Re-mastered


This latest generation of consoles is quickly becoming recognised for the constant influx of previously released titles that are receiving re-releases on them, these offer varying levels of additional work being carried out on them in order to keep them attractive for gamers interested in seeing their new hardware given more of a strenuous workout. With the next crop of big new releases falling further and further away from us (Remedy’s Quantum Break being the latest victim, falling back to next year), this glut of rehashes doesn’t look like it’s a trend that’s going away anytime soon, so, with that in mind, I look at some of the best games yet to receive this treatment, and explain why I think they should be propping up the dilapidated 2015 release schedule. Continue reading

Morality in Videogames



With videogame storytelling getting more and more sophisticated, how are the developers of today tackling the thorny issue of morality and freedom of choice? David Rodoy consults his moral compass and heads off in search of answers…

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