Top 30 Games Of The Generation: 12 to 7


The final 12. Any of the games on our Top 30 list are genuinely excellent games, an argument could be made for any of them to be the very best, but these final entries are special. Read on after the jump to see which ones made it into positions 12 to 7. You can catch up with 30 to 25 here, 24 to 19 here and 17 to 13 hereContinue reading

Friday Feeling: Top 5 Reboots

The next-generation is on it’s way and that means sequels to popular games, fresh IP’s and REBOOTS! Yes, the passing of a generation means that beloved cult franchises get given a second (or third!) chance for a new audience. Join us on another FRIDAY FEELING as we look at our favourite 5 reboots of all-time… Continue reading

Community: Tomb Raider is Overrated


Here at Low Fat Gaming, we understand that we all like different things. One persons ‘Game of the Year’ might be another persons crushing disappointment. With that in mind, here is community man Sam Drower to explain why our Tomb Raider review (here) is wrong! Take it away, Sam… Continue reading

FATcast 03: Bionicle of War

Snake is proud to deliver to you FATcast 01.

Snake is proud to deliver to you FATcast 03

The Low Fat Gaming team returns on another FatCast! This week the guys tell us their darkest secrets about Dark Souls, hate on Max Payne 3, reveal which Lord of the Rings character they’d be and find some troubling merchandise in Australia…

All this and more inside – download it here!

Review: Tomb Raider

Lara's new adventure has been drawing praise from all quarters.

Lara’s new adventure has been drawing praise from all quarters.

The Tomb Raider series has long been in need of a reboot. Back in the halcyon days of the original Playstation, the first game was a revelation; a real showcase of what the machine could do and an introduction to a true videogame icon – Lara Croft. This was made all the more prominent by the fact she was a female protagonist – a rarity back in 1996. The game fed into the hunger for adventure and exploration many gamers craved, and was home to many iconic moments. Sadly; the franchise moved further and further away from the simplicity of the original in favour of bigger storylines; bigger characters; bigger breasts. Tomb Raider as a brand began to diminish, eclipsed by the brand of Lara herself – culminating in the buxom explorer’s appearance on the cover of Time magazine. For a while, she became videogames; simultaneously managing to drag the once fringe pastime into the public consciousness and cement the average person’s image of the ‘gamer’ as a fat, sweaty virgin drooling in their basement over posters of old pixel-tits. Continue reading

Weekly News Blast

News BlastHas it been a week already? Cameron Harris says it has and he’s back to bring you the gaming news of the week. Here’s what you need to know… So another week has past which means more games and stuff for us to enjoy! Sadly, this week has been dryer than a litre of gin; however there’s still plenty of content to feast our eyes on to keep us thrilled until next week. So let’s get to it!
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