Review: Thief


Thief, the FRANCHISE, has been hiding in the shadows these ten years passed. It emerges, blinking, dazed and confused into the daylight of 2014, its “action stealth”, tagging, explosions and superhuman magic-men protagonists, like a relic from the past. It’s not entirely a bad thing, says Dave Green in our review… Continue reading

State of Play: What Microsoft Need To Do Next

Games Xbox

Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal has split gamers right down the middle. While some are excited by the new technologies underpinning the machine and can happily wait until E3 for the consoles game line-up, just as many are worried by the companies multi-media focus and lack of clarity on pre-owned and online functions. After being the market leader for so long, we look at what Microsoft needs to do next to keep gamers happy and onside… Continue reading

Friday Feeling: YOUR Most Anticipated Next Gen Games

This weeks FRIDAY FEELING saw us ask you which next-generation titles you were looking forward to the most. The votes were cast and the results are in, read on to find out the top 5. Want to get involved in future FRIDAY FEELING polls? Give our Facebook page a like here and join in… Continue reading

Feature: The Games of Ken Levine Part One

As we draw closer to the release of the hotly anticipated BioShock Infinite, we’re going to take a look at how we got here. Over the next few days, we’ll chart the progress of Ken Levine and the games he has created, from Thief to BioShock. It’s quite the journey… Continue reading