Wolfenstein: The New Order annexed my heart – the Low Fat Gaming review.

the new order

Many authors ask themselves ‘What if Hitler had won?’. With The Man In The High Castle, Philip K. Dick imagined a brutalised globe ruled by the victorious Axis Powers. MachineGames posed the same question when developing Wolfenstein: The New Order, fashioning a bombastic arcade FPS with a historical twist. But, as this review will outline, it is also much more then that.

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BioShock: Infinite – Burial at Sea Review

This article will contain very minor spoilers and will cover both episodes.

Burial at Sea is Irrational Games’ last project. That’s quite a lot of pressure to live up to – Irrational Games has quite the legacy. Is it a worthy tribute to the acclaimed series, or does it fall flat on its face? Read on, dear reader, as I explain.


“There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a city.”

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State Of Play: Don’t Forget About Steam


New consoles are just around the corner… but don’t forget about Steam. Valve’s all-conquering desktop OS is constantly evolving (and they aren’t above stealing good ideas from competitors as their new digital sharing, originally planned for the Xbox One, shows!) and they have big plans for it. Rory Mullan is here to tell you why Steam sets his heart a flutter… Continue reading

Top 30 Games Of The Generation: 6 to 1


Here they are – the final 6 games of the Low Fat Gaming top 30 games of the generation. There have been some amazing games in the previous 24 and many more worthy titles have missed out. The last 6 could easily been named our favourite game of the last eight years. Only one gets that honour. Read on to find out. If you’ve missed any of the countdowns, you can see 30 to 25 here, 24 to 18 here, 17 to 13 here and 12 to 7 here. Enjoy the rest… Continue reading

Top 30 Games Of The Generation: 12 to 7


The final 12. Any of the games on our Top 30 list are genuinely excellent games, an argument could be made for any of them to be the very best, but these final entries are special. Read on after the jump to see which ones made it into positions 12 to 7. You can catch up with 30 to 25 here, 24 to 19 here and 17 to 13 hereContinue reading

Top 30 Games Of The Generation: 18 to 13


Join us as we continue our countdown to the generation’s best game. Next up are games 18 to 13; things are getting serious. You can catch up with the rundown from 30 to 25 here and 24 to 19 here. Read on for some of the generations best games that just missed the Top 10… Continue reading

Top 30 Games Of The Generation: 24 to 19


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Top 30 Games Of The Generation: 30 to 25


Eight years. The generation that was is almost at an end, and what a generation it has been. It’s easy to forget just how good we’ve had it since the Xbox 360 appeared on our shelves back in 2005 but fear not; over the next week, we’ll guide you through the very best the last generation has had to offer on PC, Wii, Wii U, PS3 and Xbox 360. Continue reading

Review: Civilisation V Brave New World


Let’s cast our minds back to 2010, Civilisation V is released and hardcore Civ fans are in uproar. It was a bitter-sweet moment for Firaxis. The studio urgently had to modernise the rapidly aging mechanics of the game, and as a result controversially refined the core game and tore out much of the content fans had come to expect (which sceptical fans saw as a crude attempt by Firaxis to milk the game for additional profit). It was somewhat overrated title, but still quite enjoyable. We have had Gods and Kings expansion set and little DLC (for example the Viking collection) packs flesh out the game with new mechanics and civilisations, but now we finally have gotten the ALL of the complexity and depth we have been seeking with the Brave New World set. Continue reading