The FATcast that shall not be named!

A collection of men, as handsome as they are intelligent, come together to discuss many great things-it’s mind blowing, it’s death defying and it really must be heard to be believed!

Okay, so we lied, it’s not really death defying, but it does feature; The Ultimate Warrior (not in person), Nights into Dreams, birthday wishes, fictitious LFG awards, Metal Gear Solid and much, much more! It could be the greatest FATcast yet, but it probably isn’t.

Looking for my future…


Vib Ribbon is without a shadow of a doubt a classic video game in every possible sense of the word; it’s unique, brilliant fun to play and it’s also a gaming experience that leaves you wanting more, even over twelve years after it was first released. It’s also one of those highly coveted moments in gaming history that cries out for a new generation of gamers to pay it a visit via the fully functioning Playstation Network time machine. In short, I want it in HD!

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Friday Feeling: Best Launch Games

Friday Feeling

We’re excited about this years new console launches, are you? Join us as we take you through some of the finest launch titles! Did you know Sony have never launched a console with a true “killer-app”? Did you know SEGA never released a console with a Sonic game until Dreamcast? Did you know “killer-app’s” at launch are on the fall? Read on… Continue reading

Friday Feeling: Top 5 Reboots

The next-generation is on it’s way and that means sequels to popular games, fresh IP’s and REBOOTS! Yes, the passing of a generation means that beloved cult franchises get given a second (or third!) chance for a new audience. Join us on another FRIDAY FEELING as we look at our favourite 5 reboots of all-time… Continue reading

State Of Play: Nintendo Should Concentrate On Games

nintendo-kirby_00363355Nintendo are the reason many of us are gamers. It was certainly the case with LFG-man Dave Green, who is saddened by the Japanese companies current state. He argues it’d be better for everyone for them to pull out of the hardware race and concentrate on the gamesContinue reading

Hate-Box: Why The Eyes Of Nostalgia Are Blind

Rose-tinted specs. We’ve all wore them at some point. Resident angry man Matt Reynolds believes there’s no place for them in gaming – we should be looking forwards, not back. HATE-BOX returns… Continue reading

Feature: The Games of Ken Levine Part One

As we draw closer to the release of the hotly anticipated BioShock Infinite, we’re going to take a look at how we got here. Over the next few days, we’ll chart the progress of Ken Levine and the games he has created, from Thief to BioShock. It’s quite the journey… Continue reading

Friday Feeling: STRONG Sequels


As we continue to celebrate the forthcoming release of BioShock Infinite, this weeks Friday Feeling takes a look at the strongest of the strong sequels. We’re only looking at 2nd entries in this feature but we’re confident you’ll agree…

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Retrospective: Fahrenheit


The old “What Have I Done?” pose.

Lucas Kane has a problem.  He’s just committed a murder in a public restroom.  A murder he can’t remember.

Outside in the restaurant, a police officer stops chatting to a waitress and slowly heads towards Lucas’ restroom.  Lucas is still standing over the body of the man he has just murdered, shocked and wondering how he got here. Covered in blood, with no way out except the door back into the diner, Lucas begins to panic – there’s no time!. There are a few objects of use inside the restroom: A sink, a mop, some bandages. Fahrenheit is a game about choice, what you do in that restroom is entirely up to you. Do you try hiding the body in a nearby cubicle, wash away the blood on your face and arms then hide the murder weapon somewhere? Or do you just run out the restroom towards the front door, hoping the officer doesn’t catch you? Decisions, decisions… Continue reading