Friday Feeling: Bring Back The Horror

Friday Feeling

We like a bit of horror here at Low Fat Gaming – be it in video game, TV, film or novel form. We want more of it. Better still, we want a better quality of it, especially when it comes to gaming. There have been some gems over the years – the criminally underrated Call of Cthulu, Silent Hill 2, Eternal Darkness, Condemned, Amnesia – but it’s a genre on the downturn, in arguably the medium that can do horror in the best way. We’re going to explore horror over the next few days (just in time for Christmas!) so, for now, read on as James Paton explains their might be hope just beyond the fog… Continue reading

Review: Resident Evil Revelations


The Resident Evil series is in a weird place. Resident Evil 6 released last year to polarising reviews, scoring as low as 2/10 and as high 9/10 in various websites and magazines. Commercially, the game performed strongly but nowhere near expectations. The title was a mish-mash of styles leading many to believe Capcom no longer knew just what Resident Evil was – is it action, survival-horror, both? Or something else completely? Resident Evil Revelations, a HD port of 2012’s 3DS game is an attempt to meld the old with the new and is the strongest entry in the franchise since the genre-defining Resident Evil 4. Continue reading

Friday Feeling: Top 5 Reboots

The next-generation is on it’s way and that means sequels to popular games, fresh IP’s and REBOOTS! Yes, the passing of a generation means that beloved cult franchises get given a second (or third!) chance for a new audience. Join us on another FRIDAY FEELING as we look at our favourite 5 reboots of all-time… Continue reading