FatCast #16: Rise Of The FatCast

It’s that time again! A brand new FatCast, the first in 4 whole months – and the first of many… yes, it’s the RISE OF THE FATCAST.

In this episode Dave, Matt and Sam talk about bad-Nazi’s (are there any other kind? We find out some were worse than others!), random celebrity encounters, modern obsession with the word RISE and some GAMES!

We hope you enjoy it, give it a listen (especially if you’ve never tried us before!) and let us know what you think – click the link to stream or download:

A Mass Effect Prequel Would Be a Big Mistake

I love Mass Effect. When the original was first unveiled way back in 2005, it was one the game that had me most excited about the (then) next-generation of gaming. Having been a fan of BioWare previously, and in particular their genre-defining Knights of the Old Republic, I couldn’t wait to see what they could do with their own Star Wars. Three games later, I wasn’t disappointed. While there are some that disliked (and still dislike) the trilogy’s ending, for me, the Mass Effect series is the pinnacle of gaming in its short span thus far. I prefer to think of them as slices of one whole, perfect package, and now I want more. But I don’t want more of the same – I want something radical, fresh and new from this universe. And what I definitely don’t want, is a prequel.

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The FATcast that shall not be named!

A collection of men, as handsome as they are intelligent, come together to discuss many great things-it’s mind blowing, it’s death defying and it really must be heard to be believed!

Okay, so we lied, it’s not really death defying, but it does feature; The Ultimate Warrior (not in person), Nights into Dreams, birthday wishes, fictitious LFG awards, Metal Gear Solid and much, much more! It could be the greatest FATcast yet, but it probably isn’t.