Friday Feeling: Worst Ever Launch Titles!

Friday Feeling

Friday Feeling is back! We’ve already looked at some of the best launch titles (look here and tremble with delight) so now it’s time to look at the games that make you regret buying a new console in the first place. To make it fair on the older consoles, we’re looking post-PlayStation only, skipping the Atari Jaguar and Philips CD-I as they had NO good games. Fear not! There are some right stinkers here… Continue reading

State Of Play: Nintendo Should Concentrate On Games

nintendo-kirby_00363355Nintendo are the reason many of us are gamers. It was certainly the case with LFG-man Dave Green, who is saddened by the Japanese companies current state. He argues it’d be better for everyone for them to pull out of the hardware race and concentrate on the gamesContinue reading

Hate-Box: Why The Eyes Of Nostalgia Are Blind

Rose-tinted specs. We’ve all wore them at some point. Resident angry man Matt Reynolds believes there’s no place for them in gaming – we should be looking forwards, not back. HATE-BOX returns… Continue reading

Retrospective: Fahrenheit


The old “What Have I Done?” pose.

Lucas Kane has a problem.  He’s just committed a murder in a public restroom.  A murder he can’t remember.

Outside in the restaurant, a police officer stops chatting to a waitress and slowly heads towards Lucas’ restroom.  Lucas is still standing over the body of the man he has just murdered, shocked and wondering how he got here. Covered in blood, with no way out except the door back into the diner, Lucas begins to panic – there’s no time!. There are a few objects of use inside the restroom: A sink, a mop, some bandages. Fahrenheit is a game about choice, what you do in that restroom is entirely up to you. Do you try hiding the body in a nearby cubicle, wash away the blood on your face and arms then hide the murder weapon somewhere? Or do you just run out the restroom towards the front door, hoping the officer doesn’t catch you? Decisions, decisions… Continue reading