Friday Feeling: Brilliant Games That FLOPPED!

Friday Feeling

Most of the time, the games that deserve it receive critical and commercial success and all is well with the world. Hey, sometimes games that aren’t particularly good sell spectacularly well! There are times, though, where truly excellent games are praised to high-heaven… and no bugger buys them. Here are 5…

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Looking for my future…


Vib Ribbon is without a shadow of a doubt a classic video game in every possible sense of the word; it’s unique, brilliant fun to play and it’s also a gaming experience that leaves you wanting more, even over twelve years after it was first released. It’s also one of those highly coveted moments in gaming history that cries out for a new generation of gamers to pay it a visit via the fully functioning Playstation Network time machine. In short, I want it in HD!

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Feature: Exclusive Wars Part One


Matt Reynolds is a man on a mission. Taking advantage of the traditional summer lull, our resident angry man has taken it upon himself to play ALL of the Xbox and Playstation exclusives to answer the question; just which format does have the best exclusives? Read on for part one… Continue reading