Friday Feeling: Most Talked About Games At E3 2013

Friday Feeling

So that was E3! After a couple of luke-warm years, E3 was back with a bang this year with a bevy of enticing titles across all formats, current and next-gen. We’ve scoured the internet and found the 5 games that have been getting the most buzz. Read on to find out which… Continue reading

E3: What To Expect From Sony


E3 is just around the corner and it promises to be the best in recent years. With Sony working from a position of strength, Microsoft looking to win gamers over, Nintendo ready to unleash their cast of stars and the third parties looking to build for a new generation we’re in for an exciting time. Don’t forget the vibrant and interesting PC scene either – we haven’t! Join us then as we look at all the parties involved, starting with Sony who we expect to put the PS4 front and center… Continue reading

FATcast 03: Bionicle of War

Snake is proud to deliver to you FATcast 01.

Snake is proud to deliver to you FATcast 03

The Low Fat Gaming team returns on another FatCast! This week the guys tell us their darkest secrets about Dark Souls, hate on Max Payne 3, reveal which Lord of the Rings character they’d be and find some troubling merchandise in Australia…

All this and more inside – download it here!

Review: Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance

Revengeance is a dish best served diced…


Metal Gear Rising feels like a game created by two different companies. Funnily enough, it was. Developed by Platinum (Bayonetta) and set in the Metal Gear Solid world created by Hideo Kojima, MGR has just enough of the  Metal Gear influence and just enough of Platinum’s wilder tendencies to paper over any cracks.  During our play through, we often wondered what the title would be like if Platinum had been allowed to fully cut loose -it seems at times the developer wasn’t fully comfortable working within Kojima’s parameters and existing story lines – but, rest assured, the game play is as good as you’d expect from possibly the best action game creators around. Continue reading

Weekly News Blast

News BlastThe release of the almost embarrassing Aliens: Colonial Marines struck this week, causing outrage to the waiting Alien fan boys/girls. Low Fat Gaming’s Matt Reynolds reviewed it for us, giving the game what it deserves. Destiny was finally revealed on Sunday by Bungie. We’ve known it was coming for some time – know we’ve finally smacked eyes on it. The biggest news to strike this week was Wednesday night’s awaited reveal of the PlayStation 4. We talk all this, and more, below.

Continue reading