Camelot: A Model of Modernity


I have been writing a lot recently about the many creative and technical successes that Sega had throughout the tenure of their last two home consoles, and this-coupled with the recent discussion of the Mass Effect series-brought me towards the interesting, yet only recently celebrated option, of importing a save file into a game in order to impart some level of influence upon the overall story arc. I cannot state for certain when this was first implemented, or by whom, but as far as I am concerned, the first instance of its successful implementation occurred way back in 1998 in a criminally underrated, yet seminal RPG for the Sega Saturn. This feature, that was the impetus for my train of thought, is one of the key components that initially made Mass Effect such a wonderful concept, and the recipient of substantial critical acclaim. Spurred on by this, I naturally wanted to revisit this landmark RPG title, so that I might see how well it stands up today.

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A Mass Effect Prequel Would Be a Big Mistake

I love Mass Effect. When the original was first unveiled way back in 2005, it was one the game that had me most excited about the (then) next-generation of gaming. Having been a fan of BioWare previously, and in particular their genre-defining Knights of the Old Republic, I couldn’t wait to see what they could do with their own Star Wars. Three games later, I wasn’t disappointed. While there are some that disliked (and still dislike) the trilogy’s ending, for me, the Mass Effect series is the pinnacle of gaming in its short span thus far. I prefer to think of them as slices of one whole, perfect package, and now I want more. But I don’t want more of the same – I want something radical, fresh and new from this universe. And what I definitely don’t want, is a prequel.

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Morality in Videogames



With videogame storytelling getting more and more sophisticated, how are the developers of today tackling the thorny issue of morality and freedom of choice? David Rodoy consults his moral compass and heads off in search of answers…

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Top 30 Games Of The Generation: 6 to 1


Here they are – the final 6 games of the Low Fat Gaming top 30 games of the generation. There have been some amazing games in the previous 24 and many more worthy titles have missed out. The last 6 could easily been named our favourite game of the last eight years. Only one gets that honour. Read on to find out. If you’ve missed any of the countdowns, you can see 30 to 25 here, 24 to 18 here, 17 to 13 here and 12 to 7 here. Enjoy the rest… Continue reading

Durango Unchained: Xbox Reveal Predicitions

The next Xbox. You have heard that before. After years of waiting, we finally get a glimpse at MicroSoft’s new Eden. Let us all be false Shepards and lead the mystery away (Booker DeWitt style!), shall we? Continue reading

Friday Feeling: STRONG Sequels


As we continue to celebrate the forthcoming release of BioShock Infinite, this weeks Friday Feeling takes a look at the strongest of the strong sequels. We’re only looking at 2nd entries in this feature but we’re confident you’ll agree…

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