The Next Generation: Six Months On

xbox vs ps4

So, the dust has settled. After a generation that felt like it went on forever and a year long buildup to the arrival of our shiny new machines; we have finally got those (not so) little black boxes under our televisions. The last half a year has gone by in a flash; and both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have had ample time to get comfortable in our living rooms.

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The FATcast that shall not be named!

A collection of men, as handsome as they are intelligent, come together to discuss many great things-it’s mind blowing, it’s death defying and it really must be heard to be believed!

Okay, so we lied, it’s not really death defying, but it does feature; The Ultimate Warrior (not in person), Nights into Dreams, birthday wishes, fictitious LFG awards, Metal Gear Solid and much, much more! It could be the greatest FATcast yet, but it probably isn’t.

State of Play: PS4 Exclusives

ps4 1

The next-generation of console gaming is just months away. With that in mind, we continue to look at the platform exclusive games on offer on the new Microsoft and Sony platforms. We’ve already looked at the Xbox One (here), so now it’s the turn of the PS4. Which games will be vying for your hard-earned this Winter? Read on… Continue reading

E3: What To Expect From Sony


E3 is just around the corner and it promises to be the best in recent years. With Sony working from a position of strength, Microsoft looking to win gamers over, Nintendo ready to unleash their cast of stars and the third parties looking to build for a new generation we’re in for an exciting time. Don’t forget the vibrant and interesting PC scene either – we haven’t! Join us then as we look at all the parties involved, starting with Sony who we expect to put the PS4 front and center… Continue reading

Friday Feeling: PS4 or Xbox One?

Friday Feeling

At last – we’ve finally had a taste of what the next-generation of consoles has in store for us. With the PS4 and Xbox One revealed to the world at large, their expected release at the end of the year can’t come soon enough. While both reveal meetings left us with just as many questions as answers, we asked our community which console they’d be buying at launch – if they could only buy one. The results were interesting… Continue reading