FatCast: Top Quotes 100-51

We turn one today!! To celebrate, we have an all new FATcast coming up. In the meantime, “official” FATcast scribe Adam Findley has compiled the weird and the wonderful, the poignaint and outrageous, the sublime and the epic fails – yes, it’s part one of the Top 100 quotes from this years FATcasts! Read on if you dare… Continue reading

FatCast: FatCast #011 “Naked and Crying”

It’s the return of the infamous Low Fat Gaming FatCast! Join us for episode 11, “Naked and Crying” where Dave, Matt and Doug discuss Halloween, GTA V, Welsh pirates, school memories and a plethora of weird and wonderful listener questions. Download or stream, here:


While you’re there, you can listen to any previous episodes you might have missed. ENJOY!

Games Of The Generation: Amnesia – Dark Descent

amnesia 1

By now, you would have read our countdown of the Top 30 Games of the Generation (the final 6, with links to the rest, are here if you haven’t). While the Top 30 is undoubtedly strong, the team all have their personal favourites. With this is mind, join us as the team go into depth on some of them – telling you why they made the list. First up is Doug “Dougernaught” McCormack with the seminal, and terrifying, Amnesia: The Dark Descent… Continue reading

Top 30 Games Of The Generation: 6 to 1


Here they are – the final 6 games of the Low Fat Gaming top 30 games of the generation. There have been some amazing games in the previous 24 and many more worthy titles have missed out. The last 6 could easily been named our favourite game of the last eight years. Only one gets that honour. Read on to find out. If you’ve missed any of the countdowns, you can see 30 to 25 here, 24 to 18 here, 17 to 13 here and 12 to 7 here. Enjoy the rest… Continue reading