Indie vs Next-Gen


Has the current crop of next-gen games been overshadowed by a recent succession of outstanding indie games?

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The Next Generation: Six Months On

xbox vs ps4

So, the dust has settled. After a generation that felt like it went on forever and a year long buildup to the arrival of our shiny new machines; we have finally got those (not so) little black boxes under our televisions. The last half a year has gone by in a flash; and both the Xbox One and Playstation 4 have had ample time to get comfortable in our living rooms.

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State of Play: Xbox One Exclusives


If you’re like us, you’re very excited for the next generation of gaming. Even if you’re a PC gamer, you’ll see a knock on effect from developers finally able to level up. In this and the next State Of Play, we’ll guide you through the exclusives titles for Xbox One and PS4 – the titles that’ll be fighting for your hard-earned in just 3 months time… Continue reading

Friday Feeling: Most Talked About Games At E3 2013

Friday Feeling

So that was E3! After a couple of luke-warm years, E3 was back with a bang this year with a bevy of enticing titles across all formats, current and next-gen. We’ve scoured the internet and found the 5 games that have been getting the most buzz. Read on to find out which… Continue reading