Morality in Videogames



With videogame storytelling getting more and more sophisticated, how are the developers of today tackling the thorny issue of morality and freedom of choice? David Rodoy consults his moral compass and heads off in search of answers…

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BioShock: Infinite – Burial at Sea Review

This article will contain very minor spoilers and will cover both episodes.

Burial at Sea is Irrational Games’ last project. That’s quite a lot of pressure to live up to – Irrational Games has quite the legacy. Is it a worthy tribute to the acclaimed series, or does it fall flat on its face? Read on, dear reader, as I explain.


“There’s always a lighthouse. There’s always a man. There’s always a city.”

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Top 30 Games Of The Generation: 18 to 13


Join us as we continue our countdown to the generation’s best game. Next up are games 18 to 13; things are getting serious. You can catch up with the rundown from 30 to 25 here and 24 to 19 here. Read on for some of the generations best games that just missed the Top 10… Continue reading

Friday Feeling: Best DLC

Friday Feeling

Ready for a new dose of FRIDAY FEELING? This week we look at the very best ways some of our favourite games have been extended; it’s Low Fat Gaming’s best DLC. Which ones made the cut? Read on and find out… Continue reading