Friday Feeling: 5 Games To Watch In 2015

Friday Feeling

It’s the return (again) of Friday Feeling – your weekly slice of gaming’s past, present and future. This week, Dave takes a look at 5 games that are guaranteed to be leaving a hefty dent in your bank account in 2015. Read on, brave soul!

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Friday Feeling: Villains You May See In Arkham Knight

Friday Feeling

It’s the return of FRIDAY FEELING – hurrah! Possibly. Maybe you don’t really care – hopefully you do, as Dave promises to return to his (in the distant past) regular Friday lists of gaming fun, musings and trivia if you do care. Show him you care, damn you! Ahem. This week, the column looks like the unannounced villains that could be winging (GET IT?!?!) their way into this years Batman: Arkham Knight. Unless it gets delayed. READ ON!

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Review: Batman Arkham Origins


New development team, new storyline – Batman: Arkham Origins, a prequel set in Rocksteady’s triumphant Arkham universe and developed by new studio Warner Brothers Games Montreal, is here. Riddle me this; do WBGM fumble the baton or does the Dark Knight soar? Batfan Dave Green weighs in… Continue reading

Top 30 Games Of The Generation: 6 to 1


Here they are – the final 6 games of the Low Fat Gaming top 30 games of the generation. There have been some amazing games in the previous 24 and many more worthy titles have missed out. The last 6 could easily been named our favourite game of the last eight years. Only one gets that honour. Read on to find out. If you’ve missed any of the countdowns, you can see 30 to 25 here, 24 to 18 here, 17 to 13 here and 12 to 7 here. Enjoy the rest… Continue reading

Friday Feeling: Top 5 Reboots

The next-generation is on it’s way and that means sequels to popular games, fresh IP’s and REBOOTS! Yes, the passing of a generation means that beloved cult franchises get given a second (or third!) chance for a new audience. Join us on another FRIDAY FEELING as we look at our favourite 5 reboots of all-time… Continue reading

Horizon: Is Prequel Batman Arkham Origins A Cop-Out?

batmanaoBatman is on a roll. After being subjected to the Joel Schumacher double-whammy of “Batman Forever” and “Batman and Robin” in the mid-90s, the franchise has recovered due Christopher Nolan’s excellent Dark Knight trilogy and Rocksteady’s critically acclaimed Arkham series. Warner Brothers Interactive want to keep the good form going so this year will see the release of Batman: Arkham Origins, a prequel in the Arkham universe from an all new studio, Warner Brothers Montreal. That’s right, franchise creators are not involved. Worried? Don’t be, the  Batman is in safe hands… Continue reading

Friday Feeling: 2013 Most Anticipated Games; Voted For By You!

FRIDAY FEELING is back! This week, it’s a little different. We asked our community what their most anticipated (announced) games of 2013 were. Our community responded. We’ll be doing it all over again after E3, but for now these are officially Low Fat Gaming’s 5 most anticipated titles of 2013… Continue reading