Dormant Microsoft Franchises That NEED To Be Revived – And Who Should Do It


With Fable Legends and Phantom Dust apparently dead and gone, Microsoft find themselves in a tricky situation. Quantum Break has finally launched to critical and commercial acclaim, and Rare’s Sea Of Thieves is on the horizon, but Sony still have a stranglehold on the current generation. Phil Spencer has been promising games, and he’s certainly been bringing them – we’re all familiar with the Halos, the Gears, the Forzas and the Crackdowns of Microsoft’s lineup. What you might not know is some of the other aces our Phil is holding up his sleeve. Let’s take a look at what Microsoft could bring to your Xbox One party – and which studios should do it… Continue reading

Oxenfree Is Engaging, Excellent, Essential


Let’s cut to the chase – in a year of excellent indie titles, Oxenfree is 2016’s best so far. If you have a platform that will run it, you’ll be doing yourself no harm in downloading this emotionally engaged, smartly written supernatural adventure. Read on to know why…

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Review: Clockwork Tales – Xbox One

Artifex Mundi, developer of adventure game/hidden object hybrid titles such as Nightmares from the Deep: The Cursed Heart, are back on Xbox One with Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink – is it deserving of your hard earned? Read on!
Pleasingly, Artifex have made a confident and smooth port of the PC version. Using the same, user friendly control scheme that fans of the studio have become accustomed to, there is a striking visual flair to the beautiful painted screens you’ll find yourself navigating and, combined with its steam-punk trappings, Clockwork Tales: Of Glass and Ink is certainly unique.

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Hot Looking Indie Games In 2016

In all honesty, there are perhaps too many games launching in 2016, far too many that look good enough to demand the hard earned coins from our tatty looking wallets that barely hold enough to buy sufficient food for us to live off of. As such then, I thought it might be best to draw up a short list of those key indie titles that look appealing enough to perhaps compete with the very long list of AAA titles that are being released this year. I made a conscious effort to avoid any that were being published by a team other than the developer, which ruled out the likes of Three One Zero’s Adr1ft (published by 505 Games) and ColdWood Interactive’s gorgeous looking Unravel (EA) to name but two of them. Please be aware that there are still many other fantastic looking indie releases coming this year, and if you want to raise awareness of these, please don’t hesitate to heap praise upon your top prospects for this year in the comments, on Facebook and on Twitter… Continue reading

FATcast #28 – Bedminster De Niro

It’s FATcast time – and we’re 3 years old!

On the menu this time; The Witness, Bloodborne, Quantum Break, rubbish local celebrity look-a-likes, The Division and more!

Thanks for listening and here’s to 3 more years – download or stream from the link below: