Solid Microsoft Brings The GAMES at E3

phil spencer e3After enduring much criticism after last year’s showing at E3, Microsoft have had to go back to the drawing board and return with a revamped image, and a console with a stellar line-up of gaming titles strong enough to win the ongoing “console war”. In recent months, Phil Spencer (head of all things Xbox) has spoken frequently about keeping the company’s focus on the most important aspect of any console, the games, but was this just rhetoric, or has he, and Microsoft Game Studios as a whole, been able to back up his bold words…

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State Of Play: Don’t Forget About Steam


New consoles are just around the corner… but don’t forget about Steam. Valve’s all-conquering desktop OS is constantly evolving (and they aren’t above stealing good ideas from competitors as their new digital sharing, originally planned for the Xbox One, shows!) and they have big plans for it. Rory Mullan is here to tell you why Steam sets his heart a flutter… Continue reading

State Of Play: It’s Xbox One For Me


Xbox One and PS4 are mere weeks away. As both consoles look set to be around for at least the next 5 years, with many tantalising and exciting games and innovations on both machines, you can expect many a gamer to pick up both of them during that time. One has to come first, though. Dave Green explains why, at launch at least, he’s plumping for the Xbox One… Continue reading

State Of Play: Give Shemnue the HD Treatment


There’s a name that will get many a gamer staring wistfully into the middle-distance, daring to dream of another entry in the series. That game is Shenmue. While rumours of a third entry into the franchise are constantly bandied about the internet, James Paton thinks the time is right for the original pair to get the HD remake treatment they deserve… Continue reading

State of Play: PS4 Exclusives

ps4 1

The next-generation of console gaming is just months away. With that in mind, we continue to look at the platform exclusive games on offer on the new Microsoft and Sony platforms. We’ve already looked at the Xbox One (here), so now it’s the turn of the PS4. Which games will be vying for your hard-earned this Winter? Read on… Continue reading

State of Play: Xbox One Exclusives


If you’re like us, you’re very excited for the next generation of gaming. Even if you’re a PC gamer, you’ll see a knock on effect from developers finally able to level up. In this and the next State Of Play, we’ll guide you through the exclusives titles for Xbox One and PS4 – the titles that’ll be fighting for your hard-earned in just 3 months time… Continue reading

State of Play: What Microsoft Need To Do Next

Games Xbox

Microsoft’s Xbox One reveal has split gamers right down the middle. While some are excited by the new technologies underpinning the machine and can happily wait until E3 for the consoles game line-up, just as many are worried by the companies multi-media focus and lack of clarity on pre-owned and online functions. After being the market leader for so long, we look at what Microsoft needs to do next to keep gamers happy and onside… Continue reading

State Of Play: Nintendo Should Concentrate On Games

nintendo-kirby_00363355Nintendo are the reason many of us are gamers. It was certainly the case with LFG-man Dave Green, who is saddened by the Japanese companies current state. He argues it’d be better for everyone for them to pull out of the hardware race and concentrate on the gamesContinue reading

State of Play: BioShock Infinite’s Story and Ending Explained – SPOILERS!

By now, you’ve probably finished BioShock Infinite at least once. If you read my review (here) then you’d know how much I enjoyed it. After scouring every nook and cranny in the game, and listening to every Voxophone, I’m here to answer any nagging or lingering questions you might have about its mind-bending story. Just so we’re clear, there will be MASSIVE SPOILERS AHEAD… Continue reading