Hate-Box: The HATE Awards of the Generation

By now, I hope you’ve all read our Games of the Generation run-down (click here, if you haven’t). While we’ll have a Games of the Year feature in December and other little awards ceremonies on the way, we know what you want. HATE. Yes, resident angry man Matt Reynolds is here with an awards feature with a twist – the games that DESERVE your ire and hatred from the past generation. Hold on to your hats… Continue reading

Games Of The Generation: Amnesia – Dark Descent

amnesia 1

By now, you would have read our countdown of the Top 30 Games of the Generation (the final 6, with links to the rest, are here if you haven’t). While the Top 30 is undoubtedly strong, the team all have their personal favourites. With this is mind, join us as the team go into depth on some of them – telling you why they made the list. First up is Doug “Dougernaught” McCormack with the seminal, and terrifying, Amnesia: The Dark Descent… Continue reading