Set up after the fall of such illustrious magazines Xbox World and PSM3, Low Fat Gaming is a home for gamers, written by gamers.

You’ll find opinion, features, news and much more on a variety of gaming content from Retro to Next Generation for any and all formats – we are completely unbiased, interested in only great games and good times.

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Dave Green (follow on Twitter @davidpgreen83) has been gaming for as long as he can remember. Having had pieces published in Xbox World and PSM3, he’s decided to inflict his views upon you all and create Low Fat Gaming. A lover of all things gaming, he has a lot of time for the Monkey Island, Zelda, Metroid and Mass Effect series and claims Deus Ex is the greatest game of all time.

Matt Reynolds (follow on Twitter @TheLostMoment) is bald, sexy and very, very angry.  After falling out of love with gaming during the GameCube era, his passion came back with a bang with the advent of Xbox 360 and PS3.  Passion is what he’s about – love it or hate it, he’ll scream from the rooftops.

James Paton (follow on Twitter @TheBlackPage81) James is a collector. A collector of all things fun. A child of SEGA, James loves all as long as it shows merit – and he loves to write about it. After being published by a number of publications you all know and love, James “Jimmy” Paton has turned his not inconsiderable talents to Low Fat Gaming.

Rory Mullan (follow on Twitter even though he can’t work it out @TheNomadProphet) Member of Civilization Anonymous and Star Wars fanatic. Rory enjoys games like Deus Ex, BioShock and Metro and is an inhabitant of the strange southern land called Australia. Rory has been published in the pages of Xbox World.

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