Dormant Microsoft Franchises That NEED To Be Revived – And Who Should Do It


With Fable Legends and Phantom Dust apparently dead and gone, Microsoft find themselves in a tricky situation. Quantum Break has finally launched to critical and commercial acclaim, and Rare’s Sea Of Thieves is on the horizon, but Sony still have a stranglehold on the current generation. Phil Spencer has been promising games, and he’s certainly been bringing them – we’re all familiar with the Halos, the Gears, the Forzas and the Crackdowns of Microsoft’s lineup. What you might not know is some of the other aces our Phil is holding up his sleeve. Let’s take a look at what Microsoft could bring to your Xbox One party – and which studios should do it…



You’ll probably sniff at the thought of MechAssault, but you really shouldn’t – the original and its sequel were two of the first Xbox’s shining lights. Don’t believe us? Allow it’s Metacritic score of 87 prove you wrong, son.

Look, even Phil Spencer himself thinks it should happen. Responding to an eager MechAssault  fans tweet back in July of 2015, Phil doth tweeteth: “I still think a MechAssault/MechCommander linked game across PC and Xbox would be great. We aren’t working on it but we should be.” Why not!?

Titanfall’s success has proved there’s an appetite for Mech on Mech action, and the Xbox One has more than enough grunt to deliver a satisfying, gritty, heavy-hitting Mech romp.

The Developer: The Coalition – yes, they have Gears 4 on the way. But imagine that series weight, gameplay and visceral impact grafted on to Mechs. And breathe.


Quantum Redshift

AKA Microsoft’s take on Wipeout. Gracing the original Xbox with its glorious presence, Quantum Redshift was bloody good fun, and different enough to the Wipeout series to stand out in what was a crowded market.

Like many things original Xbox (the pad, the frequent art direction taken in the games, the console itself!), Redshift felt  pleasingly chunky and brutish. The racing had a real impact that was often missing in other futuristic racers of the time – he visuals popped and the soundtrack (from Mad Max: Fury Road’s Junkie XL) got the blood pumping. The real star was the games characters, with developers Curly Monsters innovating with the various drivers by giving them backstories and rivalries – something we can see being taken a step further with modern technologies.

The Developer: Three Fields Entertainment – never heard of them? Right. You may have heard of the Burnout franchise though, and the founders of Three Fields created that.


Voodoo Vince

Microsoft have always lacked a little when it comes to the family action-adventure space, and with the PS4’s remake of Ratchet and Clank proving a hit with critics, what better time than now to revisit this forgotten gem from the Xbox?

Phil Spencer is a self-proclaimed fan of the 2003 cult-classic from Beep Industries which harkens back to a time where Microsoft was searching and experiementing with expanding its reach. Voodoo Vince, along with Stubbs The Zombie and Blinx, were games with certain ideas at their core that never quite hit – but are ripe for a reboot.

The Developer: Moon Studios – fresh from the fantastic Ori and The Blind Forest, Moon Studios are an inventive and exciting studio, so why not Voodoo Vince?


Lost Odyssey

As mentioned on our latest FATcast, Lost Odyssey is arguably the last true Final Fantasy game.

Lost Odyssey is a masterpiece and one of the greatest JRPGs ever created. Poignant, moving, intricate and progressive, Lost Odyssey hit the Xbox 360 back in 2008 from Mistwalker – a studio made up of Final Fantasy veterans.

Critically acclaimed, Lost Odyssey has a passionate fan base to this day and we think is a serious weapon in Microsoft’s arsenal. The potential for this series is enormous, and its criminal there hasn’t been movement on a further entry in the last 8 years.

The Developer: Mistwalker – come on Microsoft, surely a deal can be done to see a return of this beloved series, don’t let it be a one and done!



Something tells us Microsoft were a little surprised with the reaction from the Xbox community after the death of Fable Legends.

While the attitude towards Legends from the fan base has always been a little lukewarm, Fable (with the second one in particular) has always been fondly regarded by the Xbox gamer despite none of the games truly hitting the franchises potential.

Since Fable 3 (and its horribly rushed conclusion), the series has been blighted by missteps and indecision – but we think a strong studio with an understanding of Fable’s Britishness and attempts at innovation can take the reigns and create something very, very special indeed.

The Developer – Rare. It has to be, doesn’t it? A perfect match, and one that makes almost too much sense.

Did we miss anything YOU’D like to see? Sound off below or in the comments on Facebook. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget Alan Wake – that HAS to be happening, right!?

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