Games To Watch: 2016


Continuing our look at the gaming gems winging their way to our gaming devices in 2016 is Dave, who brings you 3 enticing offerings for your perusal…


Horizon: Zero Dawn – PS4

Due out sometime this year, Horizon: Zero Dawn is an action-RPG from Guerilla – a new IP and a badly needed, epic looking exclusive for PS4.

Lets get the obvious out of the way – yes, it’s Guerilla, kings of the 6/10 Killzone. We’re hopeful that now they’ve thrown the shackles of the “me too” sci-fi shooter firmly away, Guerilla will be able to fulfill the potential Sony have seen in them for so long.

It’s certainly a departure from what they know; a new genre, new settings, a new direction and it’s all very welcome to us at Low Fat Gaming. Set 1,000 years into our post-Apocolyptic future, Horizon finds us playing as Aloy as she strives to bring humanity back to our planet. There’s not an awful lot known about Horizon right now but, with E3 not too far away, we’re hoping that’ll change soon.


Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – PC, PS4, Xbox One

We’re very excited about this one – cast your mind back, and you’ll remember that Deus Ex: Human Revolution was one of our games of the last generation; we’re expecting very big things from its sequel.

It’s encouraging that Eidos Montreal have taken their time with this (and that Square-Enix have let them), and the recent delay to August should mean Mankind Divided is extra-polished and as good as it can be when it launches in the summer.

Furthering the story of Adam Jensen, who has somehow survived the ending of the last game (which had 3 possible endings), Mankind Divided brings us closer to the events of the original Deus Ex and finds humanity experiencing more strife and discord, with augmented individuals facing more abuse than ever – and a significant number of them fighting back.

We’re hoping Eidos Montreal can build off their excellent predecessor here, and if they do, we’re in for something truly special.


Quantum Break – Xbox One

Max Payne, Alan Wake – can Quantum Break add to Remedy’s Hall of Fame? We hope so. They’ve certainly been given the time to achieve their vision and with an all-star cast, cutting-edge technologies, jaw-dropping graphics and the studios pedigree they have every chance.

We know Remedy can handle gun-play and story, but we’re hoping Quantum Break doesn’t come across as one-note. Strangely, for a game that was unveiled alongside the Xbox One back in the summer of 2013, we don’t know a massive amount about it. What we do know – time-control and fracturing, TV-show elements, some kind of tie-in to Alan Wake and shadowy, government agencies – point to some exciting and, still, confusing elements.

Quantum Break is finally out in April, and it can’t come quickly enough for us.

  • Dave Green

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