Games To Watch: 2016


We start our look forward to the games that’ll be dominating our playing time in 2016 – kicking things off is Sam Drower…

2015 was undeniably a fantastic year for video games. From AAA heavyweights such as The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4 to indie artisans like Undertale, it truly was a year in which all aspects of gaming, big and small, were represented and celebrated. Whether you wanted an epic RPG, heart pounding Shooter, nail biting Stealth-em-up or something more narrative driven, 2015 had you covered.

With the year now fading into memory and a new and exciting year of controller mashing ahead of us, we’ve chronicled the upcoming releases that are making us giddy…



After the success of Firaxis’ reboot of the beloved strategy series in 2012, a sequel was almost a certainty. Less predictable, however, was the sequel’s status as a PC exclusive; given how well the isometric turn based gameplay of the reboot translated to console. While this comes as a disappointment to console fans, it is also a fantastic opportunity for Firaxis to take the series back to its hardcore roots as a deeply customizable PC experience.

The narrative for XCOM 2 takes an unusual turn, in that it assumes the player failed in their role as the leader of earth’s last line of defence in the first game and takes place 20 years later, on a planet now occupied and dominated by aliens. With pockets of resistance
popping up all over the globe, the player must use their mobile aerial headquarters to fly around the globe, dispatching their elite team of highly customizable soldiers to wage guerrilla warfare against the malevolent alien occupiers.

The first game was a modest masterpiece, but contained elements that seemed somewhat restrained – Merely hinting towards  its true potential. Based on what we’ve seen so far from XCOM 2, we are excited to see how the sequel delivers on these promises and evolves the formula.

Quick Facts:

Publisher: 2K Games
Developer: Firaxis
Platforms: PC
Release Date: 5th February



IO Interactive’s Hitman series has always been the quintessential Assassin simulator. Despite the first iteration being over 15 years old the series has never quite gained the mass appeal of something like Assassins Creed – but it has stood the test of time and proven that sometimes it is better to be the underdog, frequently showing up its historical time-hopping rival at its own game.

With its new entry, simply titled Hitman, the series aims its sights on something big. Delivered as an episodic experience among six huge sandbox environments, Hitman will take Agent 47 on a globetrotting quest to assassinate the most well guarded, high profile targets on the planet, those who operate at the highest levels of society. Gone are the more enclosed areas from Absolution, gone are the more seedy strip club owners aa targets, these are truly powerful marks that will require hours of planning,  preparation and coordination to orchestrate their downfalls. Or you could just walk in the front door and shoot them in the face. Such is the beauty of Hitman – It’s set to be a truly versatile experience that allows the player to tackle the problem in front of them in any way they see fit.

The episodic delivery of content is somewhat new territory and IO/Square Enix will have to prove to audiences that this method is worthy of their trust, but we are just excited to see 47 back in the killing game once again.

Quick Facts
Publisher: Square Enix
Developer: IO Interactive
Platforms: Xbox One, PS4, PC
Release Date: 11th March 2016

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  • Sam Drower

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