FRIDAY FEELING: Gaming’s Finest Beards

Friday Feeling

It’s Friday and we have a Feeling, a Friday Feeling if you will. This week, we look at gaming’s finest beards – they’re EVERYWHERE but which ones are the best? It’s possibly THE most important question of all time…

york beard

Francis York Morgan, Deadly Premonition

Ah, an old favourite. We love Francis York Morgan AND Deadly Premonition here at Low Fat Gaming, and if you love beards, you can GROW YOUR OWN. That’s right, landing well before The Witcher 3’s much-vaunted real-time beard growth, Deadly Premonition tasked you with keeping Morgan pretty and hygienic. Failure to shave would see hair grow on your FACE but lets face it, Morgan was born for the beard.

comstock beard

Zachary Comstock, Bioshock Infinite

Look at the majesty of this beard. Full, white and flowing; Comstock is obviously going for the Father Christmas look, offsetting his snowy visage with a striking black ensemble. Don’t be fooled by his grandfatherly, silver-fox looks though, anyone who has played Infinite will know Comstock is a right bastard.

lechuck beard

The Ghost Pirate le Chuck, Secret of Monkey Island

Dead he might be, but le Chuck is still a stylish pirate. Look at the majesty of le Chuck’s beard, a beard that makes all the other pirates of the Caribbean green with envy. Inspiring well-known beard legends like Blackbeard, le Chuck’s beard is so strong that it continues to be luscious even in the afterlife.

big boss beard

Big Boss, Metal Gear Solid series

Big Boss’s beard is a refined effort, lending him a certain gravitas and solidifying his strong profile. Big Boss, a born leader, has a beard to match – slightly graying but well-groomed, the beard takes the focus away from Boss’ dubious choice of mullet hair-style and bold eye-patch combo.

geralt beard

Geralt of Rivia, The Witcher 3

His game isn’t out yet, but his beard has been hot news. Despite NOT being the first instance of real-time beard growth (see Mr Morgan up top), Geralt’s will surely be the sexiest example. Matching his head-hair tone perfectly, Geralt’s beard can be molded however you wish. Witcher fans have wanted this for a while, Witcher 2 famously sported fan-made beard mods, but now it’s official and Geralt can assume his mantel of video games most stylishly rugged monster-hunter.


Miss any famous beards out? Maybe you prefer the stylings of Street Fighter’s Zangief or Gears of Wars Dom – let us know in the comments below, on our Facebook page or on Twitter.

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