Horizon: H1Z1 Early Access Preview


Martin Conmy takes a look at H1Z1, a zombie apocalypse surviver currently available in Steam Early Access. Developed by Daybreak Game Company (formerly Sony Online before being sold), H1Z1 is in development for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. Imagine Day Z combined with Everquest 2 and you’re going in the right direction, but is the game? Read on…


Early access is not something that I generally agree with, as there is no legal obligation to the developers to finish the game (see recent Godus confusion and controversy). However, I personally missed out on the first couple of years of DayZ, so therefore I jumped on the H1Z1 bandwagon. H1Z1 is a post apocalyptic survival game on a well structured map. You must tackle zombies and survive in a heavily PvP environment.


PvP is interesting as you will either come across genuinely nice gamers or complete psychos who just want to kill anyone they see. My most fond memory is when I was informed of the usual ‘I’m friendly‘ by a player. We teamed up and we gathered some basic loot. After about 10 minutes of wandering and talking he asked me for some food. Whilst searching my inventory, my character is defensless. Naturally, my “friend” took his chance to attack and I took an arrow to the head. As he took my loot he said the words “never trust anyone, goodbye“. I’ve been hooked on the game ever since.


Regular patches and updates of the game are being carried out, with server loot resets becoming a major event for players. I personally enjoyed the game more when there was less loot in a server. Guns were very rare and if you wanted to survive you had to train yourself to use the bow with accuracy. I would recommend this game highly to anyone that has not experienced this type of game before and doesn’t mind losing all their gear on a regular basis. Patience is key to this type of game. Remember however that H1Z1 is still early access alpha, so the game may change completely by the time it is finished. It still remains to be seen just how different Daybreak differentiate from Day Z in the long run, but in its current state, H1Z1 is well worth a punt on Early Access.

– Martin Conmy

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