Friday Feeling: You Want Indie’s? We Got Indie’s!

Friday Feeling

Indie’s, indie’s, indie’s. Whatever you gaming platform of choice is, there’s a deluge of creative and intriguing indie titles coming your way this year. Here are 5 that we’re keeping our beady eyes on…



Developed by Broken Window Studios, Grave is shaping up to be a little bit special. Led by horror aficionado Tristan Parrish Moore, BWS are attempting to shake-up the horror genre by taking it out of the haunted mansion and taking it into the desert. Light, loneliness, psychology combined with a delightful dose of the surreal are the main themes at play in this thrilling first-person horror. It’s a fresh setting and certainly one to keep an eye on.



It’s not often that the name of the game so accurately describes just how awesome a game looks, but Superhot does just that. A first-person shooter with a difference – time only moves when you do – and a visibly striking look make this effort, developed by BlueBrick, a sure-fire hit to be stealing your gaming time this summer.



First revealed at the Xbox One’s E3 debut back in 2013, Below certainly has the pedigree. Shrouded in mystery since its debut, developers Capy are being given just as much time as they need to perfect their rogue ‘em up. Citing the likes of Zelda and Dark Souls as inspiration with a focus on exploration, challenging combat and PERMA-DEATH. As with the other games that have made the cut in this feature, Below’s art-style makes it stand out from the crowd and we’re chomping at the bit to know more.

cuphead 10


Just thinking about Cuphead brings a smile to our faces. Evoking memories of 1930s style Fleischer Studios cartoons, Cuphead is a run-and-gun shooter in the style of Metal Slug. Studio MDHR, with their first ever title, put you in the, er, boots of Cuphead, who has made a deal with the devil and is tasked with repaying that debt. Fast-paced and action-packed, with co-op included, Cuphead is out this summer.


Ghost of a Tale

An interesting one this. A one-man project by Dreamworks veteran Lionel Gallat, Ghost of a Tale finds you in a medieval adventure with stealth very much the order of the day. Played that a dozen times right? Well, this time you’re a minstrel who just happens to be a MOUSE. Inspired by films like The Dark Crystal and Robin Hood, as well as gaming classics like Zelda, Dark Souls and Ico – Gallat is attempting to evoke the sense of wonder we had with our fantasy games, books and movies in the 80s and 90s, but with a modern new-gen feel. It’s certainly intriguing and is definitely one that’s worth watching out for.



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