Horizon: Reflections


It’s a big year for Broken Window Studios – Grave, an intriguing first-person, desert-set horror, has already been announced and is sure to add some badly needed fresh blood and ideas to that genre (read our interview here). Coming first is Reflections, another passion-project from the studio and a game that passed through Steam Greenlight in just 7 days…


Reflections started development in 2012 and deals with themes of growing up, moving on and choice. In Reflections, you are getting ready to leave home and start your life as an adult. You have to put things in order and get ready to leave by the end of the day. To do so, you can tidy up your business, help build relationships, or just go exploring. From there, it’s up to you; the entire course of the game is based on the actions you take.


Broken Window have developed a new engine called Storyteller, a bit like the director in Left 4 Dead, which helps you sculpt the narrative and direction of the tale. Instead of choosing options, like in a Telltale game, everything you do informs the story which morphs around your choice. Sounds very promising. Broken Window are using the same engine in the upcoming Grave, and we can’t wait to put it through its paces in Reflections.


Reflections is a first-person,real-world adventure game in the vein of Stanley Parable or Gone Home but Broken Windows believe its Storyteller engine will set it apart. You can find out for yourself when it’s released on PC (Steam), Mac and Linux in April and then on Xbox One and PS4 in the Summer. Broken Window Studios are at this weeks GDC with Reflections and Grave, check out the trailer below!

– Dave Green @davidpgreen83

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