The Future Of Low Fat Gaming


We’ve been quiet for a while…

Hello, readers of Low Fat Gaming!

A little over 2 years ago, I had a crazy idea – what if I created a gaming website and community that gave creative gamers a place to showcase their writing talents and gave a platform to their opinions? A website that was entertaining, enjoyable and filled a gap left by the fanzine like magazine closures of Xbox World PSM? A website that engaged and encouraged its community through regular contact and podcasts?

So I did it.

The writers came (and some went) but the nucleus of that team has remained – Matt, Sam and I truly enjoy what we do here for you at Low Fat Gaming; and over the last two years we’ve had the privilege to showcase some wonderful work from the likes of Bill Boreham, James Paton, Rory Mullan, Doug McCormack and many, many other talented writers.

And, of course, that community that I wanted to create arrived too – and, hopefully, it still remains… if only in a somewhat dormant state.

Yes, we’ve been quiet. The team has been debating the pros and cons of continuing the site or closing it down and moving on to pastures new. The team do this purely as a hobby – our reward is our engagement with the community and, without that, why continue? We don’t make money from this and it is time-consuming.

But we do love it – and we’re giving it one last shot. But we need you, readers! We need you to comment on our work on the site, engage with us on the Facebook community (and with each other!) – share, comment and like our work, especially the FatCasts which we enjoy recording immensely. And we want your work! Got something gaming related you want a larger audience to see? Get in touch and we’ll help you get it ready for the site – Low Fat Gaming is for you, our community, but we desperately need you to help us keep it going.

So, here’s the deal. We’re going to become more, er, regular. We’re still going to do some reviews, but not as many as before – instead we’re focusing on opinion pieces to get you talking, features on things we love in gaming (and things that concern us), regular FatCasts, videos and streaming. We are committing to putting new work on the site over a regular basis each work – and of course we’d like your work too.

We’re getting the team back together for one last job – are you coming with us?

– Dave Green @davidpgreen83

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