FATcast: The Lowdown III


We love doing the FATcasts, and some of you love listening to them. None more so than official FATcast Superfan and Archiver, Adam Findley. He’s back with some startling insights, facts and figures about the last year of FATcasts. Enjoy…

>overegged American trailer accent<

From the maker of The Lowdown and Lowdown: The Apology comes the next thrilling instalment in the Low Fat Gaming franchise…

The Lowdown III: The Trilogy Part 3 in 3D. A Threequel.

>cough, cough< Sorry ‘bout that. Got a little carried away there. Yes, it’s time for a third trawl through umpteen hours of inane FATCast banter for the sort of pointless stats you can discuss down the pub called Internet.

First of all, let me start off by congratulating Low Fat Gaming on recently reaching 1000 likes on Facebook! The last day of April was an intense night for both me and Matt as we waited for the fan count to teeter ever closer to the magic 1k. By the time I’d gone to bed the page sat at a perilous 999 but, by the time I’d risen the following morning, not only had we smashed it but, we’d also gained a further 7 gamers. So if you’re reading this as one of this fine website’s newbies, welcome, pull up a chair, grab a snack or beverage, a handheld games console if you want to and enjoy our company. The guys that run, write and edit this site are great guys and I’m sure you’ll find an article or two that’ll spark off some form of opinion creativity or feedback that’ll you’ll want to hurriedly put into words for others to see.

I’m sure you’ve just skipped straight to the colourful bit and scrolled back up again, (Welcome back), but I thought I’d divulge an extra bit of pointless info in regard to FATCasts and swear counts. I noticed this trend a couple of months back when I was compiling an earlier Lowdown but I never had the time to include it until now. Tallying up each speakers profanities is both an intriguing and laborious process. None more so between Dave Green and Matt Reynolds. Cast after cast, Matt generally outweighs Dave in blasphemy. 8 casts in fact confirm Matt’s victory in this. However, when I’m compiling it is in fact, Dave that always tends to start off owning Matt’s ass (look there’s one!) in swearing. With Matt only tending to catch up during the reader questions. I think this might help to explain how the Hell (ooh, another one) Dave beat Matt on total swear standings. By one measly word. (That’ll make my mum cry – Dave)

I’m not trying to make a point about swearing here, I just thought it was an interesting observation to point out. And one of many I’m sure to pick out in the future.

Till FATCast 20…

I’ve been Adam Findley

The Lowdown III The Trilogy

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