Nintendo buys XBOX division for 2 billion golden coins


Nintendo president Saturo Iwata has announced today that Nintendo will be purchasing the XBOX division to combine their 1st party line up with the great online service that is XBOX Live.

Mr. Iwata stated that Nintendo had known for some time that they were dropping the ball in that area.

Reggie Fils-Aime stated “My body is ready for the kinnection of Nintendo and XBox.”


Here’s what some of the members of the board had to say:
S. Mario “It is’a bold’a mov’a but’a it is’a the right’e move at’e the right’e time’e”
DK “Hu huhuhu huhu huuuuuuhuu”
Ms. Peach “The Nintendo kingdom has grown and we welcome the Masterchief in our ranks. I will be having tea and cake with him later today.”
Bowser: “Wohohohooooo”

Not all members of the board shared the enthusiasm. Here’s what one of them had to say:
Wario “Ooohhh noooo. My prrretty gold coins!”


Nintendos move has reduced the competitors in the console war to 2. We are still waiting to hear any comment from Sony and how this changes the game in their eyes

We will keep you updated as soon as anything developes.

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