Microsoft slashes the price of its Xbox One in the UK


Microsoft, in an attempt to reverse its losing position to Sony’s Playstation 4 in the console race, is officially dropping the price of the Xbox One console from £429.99 to £399.99 in the UK, and whilst stocks are available, gamers will also be able to pick up a free copy of Respawn’s Titanfall in the process.



Despite showing some rather strong sales figures over the course of its first three months on the market, the momentum appears to be with Sony, however, Microsoft are looking to change that, and Titanfall-as we all expected-is the greatest weapon that the software giant have in being able to do this. Which is exactly why they paid out a considerable sum of money to ensure its place as an Xbox and PC exclusive.

So, from March 13th, when the game finally lands, the official Titanfall bundle will make its way to retailers across Britain, and in the box, which will be housed in Titanfall branded packaging, gamers can expect to find their Xbox One console, wireless controller, Kinect sensor, one month’s free Xbox Live Gold subscription and a code to download a digital copy of this year’s most anticipated release. Evidently, as UK Marketing Director, Harvey Eagle, was quick to point out to MCV, “there’s never been a better time to join the new console generation”.


Unfortunately, given the relatively small drop in price, it does not appear as though there are any plans to offer early adopters of the console any form of compensation for this, with Mr Eagle telling Eurogamer:

“No unfortunately we can’t offer a retroactive refund,” he said. “Again, we thank them very much. We think we’ve offered great value to those customers who’ve been playing on and enjoying their consoles since Christmas.”

Thankfully, they may be happy to know that there are no plans for any additional price drops this year at least. However, for those planning to pick up an Xbox One in March, enjoy!

– James Paton @theblackpage81

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