Why I Hate Titanfall


Well, you surely didn’t expect me to say that, did you? And now that I have your undivided attention, I should probably tell you that I don’t actually hate Titanfall at all, in fact, I absolutely love it, and that is exactly why I have such a problem with it. Confused? You should be.


The beta test for Respawn’s upcoming shooter has been underway for some time now, and not only have I put more time into it than I have into the online component of almost every release that graced the Xbox 360, but I can honestly say that I have not had so much fun with a game for a very long time indeed. The full release is inbound bearing promises of revolutionising the online shooter, and I believe that it will do exactly that by opening up the arena to everyone that buys it. You see, games such as Call of Duty and Battlefield (which I love) are rather exclusionary by design, encouraging and rewarding players for continued play, and hampering those who merely dabble, delve in far too long down the road, or leave it to experience something else, and quite frankly, this isn’t very fair, now is it?


Real gamers don’t maintain monogamous relationships with their games, they experiment frequently with whatever else is lying around like the dirty little middens that they are, but should they really be punished for this? No. And now, with Titanfall, gamers no longer need to control their wandering eye, and they can do so without any fear of losing their competitive edge, because it is a game that anyone can pick up and enjoy without suffering embarrassment at the hands of more experienced players, and kudos must go to Respawn for what they have done here. Jason West and Vince Zampella have well and truly emerged from the shadow of their former creation, and announced their return to the big stage once more.


So, you’re probably wondering by now how I can take such offence to something that I evidently enjoy very much, correct? Well, the game is, as you may already know, online only, and I, being a poor, unemployed bum cannot afford broadband (I am currently dictating this to an irate librarian as I march back and forth like a slightly taller and rounder version of Napoléon). The trouble is, I have the bug now. What I have played of it thus far has suitably blown me away with the manner in which it moulds together elements of other shooters into one glorious, fast paced and insanely fun video game, and it’s now easy to understand why Microsoft paid so much money to secure it as an Xbox and PC exclusive.


This will be the first true system seller of the now current generation, so prepare to buy yourself an Xbox One console if you don’t already have one, and expect to have the most fun that you can possibly derive from shooting someone in the face (legally, that is). Prepare for Titanfall!

-James Paton @theblackpage81


One comment on “Why I Hate Titanfall

  1. Yep, we are all dirty wee middens! I have to say I’ve been pretty envious listening to the glowing reports about the beta. It’s not enough for me to justify buying a ONE when I’ve not long got a PS4. Guess I’ll just have to update the PC then


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