A Telltale of Two Episodes


Telltale have recently released new episodes of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us. Our Steve has reviewed them both. Join us as he takes them both on…

wds2_keyart_1920x1080_nologoThe Walking Dead – Season 2 – Episode 1 – All That Remains

After having to wait a couple of months longer, due to ratings issue according to Telltale Games
(which could not be confirmed by the IFCO acting director Ger M. Connolly) Irish players finally got
a chance to play “All That Remains“.

As you might have guessed, the first episode of season 2 is all
about Clementine. The writers did a decent job coming up with the story for the introduction into
season 2, but it is lacking the tension that most of the episodes of season 1 were known for.
A nice touch is that your decisions carry over from season 1, which does not mean you have to
have played it, but it certainly adds to the experience.

Walking dead s2e1 Clem

All That Remains” does not keep you
guessing too much. You lose someone, you meet someone new and subsequently get to know a
few characters that will be with you for at least one more episode. There is a scene that I strongly
disagree with, as a lover of animals, and in my opinion the story could have stayed pretty much the
same without it by simply changing one of the protagonists. It seems like unnecessary
gruesomeness. All in all, it is a mediocre start to season 2, but nothing more. 7.5/10


The Wolf Among Us – Season 1 – Episode 2 – Smoke and Mirrors

The second episode starts off exactly where episode 1 ended. And that is sadly the best part, apart
from the fact it ends quickly. “Smoke and Mirrors” fails on all accounts, from story to character
development. It relies heavily on scenes that a director would have left on the cutting room floor.
We start out knowing little and it ends with us knowing not much more. Overall, it feels like a
quickly compiled episode that had to be released, regardless of whether it was finished or not.
Before buying the season pass or future episodes, gamers should think long and hard if this is a
franchise you want to support. 6.5/10


Telltale sadly still weren’t able to get the load-time and slowdowns issues solved, that were already
plaguing earlier episodes, which is weird as the game is completely “live” on your hard drive. If
Telltale did not have the reputation that they have, the current episodes would have possibly ended
both franchises.
There is one positive: Microsoft was able to solve the download issue of “Smoke and Mirrors“, by
sending download codes to season pass owners of The Wolf Among Us.

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