FatCast: Top Quotes 100-51

We turn one today!! To celebrate, we have an all new FATcast coming up. In the meantime, “official” FATcast scribe Adam Findley has compiled the weird and the wonderful, the poignaint and outrageous, the sublime and the epic fails – yes, it’s part one of the Top 100 quotes from this years FATcasts! Read on if you dare…

Consider these the gritted faces of award ceremony losers, the inevitably bland final part of Adele’s Brits speech, Portman acceptance speech gags that fall flatter than MaleSheps arse, the Cameron John Harris to your Matt Reynolds if you will. Dont get me wrong, some of these witticisms are still fucking funny and if there’s one thing I learned from this is that 50 is a MUCH smaller number than first thought! So go ahead. Divulge your curiosity.

And stay tuned for the Top 50…

Top 100 LFG FATCast Quotes 2013 Part 1

– Adam Findley

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