No More Room In Hell: Survival Guide


 The Low Fat Gaming horror season shambles on – old friend of the site Bill Boreham returns with a survival guide to the under appreciated No More Room In Hell

Released in 2011 as a Half-Life 2 mod, No More Room In Hell was met with positive reviews and numerous awards including “Mod of the Year” by PC Gamer and Moddb. In October this year it was released free-to-play on Steam and has since been regularly patched based on feedback from the community. Similar to Valve’s Left 4 Dead (but with more players), you and 1 to 7 other survivors must make your way through an array of small, very tightly designed areas, completing various objectives along the way. Melee weapons and a small collection of firearms and ammo can be found throughout, and are paramount to your survival as more and more players fall victim to the undead.

I’ll be honest, I’d never really heard of NMRIH, and neither had many other people I’d spoken to. I reluctantly installed it on Steam and began playing – 40 hours later I can confirm it’s one of the most well-designed mods I’ve ever played. It’s also insanely addictive – I find myself hypnotically loading it up almost every night. When first starting it can seem extremely difficult and even unfair, but put in enough hours and the game starts to reveal itself. To help speed up the process I have created this Survival Guide, hopefully after reading you’ll give it a try – and live longer than I did in my first few hours.


Learning The Maps: Objective Items/Switches & Shortcuts

Anything that increases your chances of survival is a good thing: finding a powerful gun, stocking up on ammo, finding pills and health kits; they’re all good, but they’re worthless if your whole team is dead and you haven’t a clue where (or what) your next objective is. As with any multiplayer game, learning the maps is something that occurs over time, however, you can speed up that process by taking note of where the players around you are going. Keep your eyes peeled for those objective items, knowing where they are will undoubtedly save your life at some point. Hell, you might find a shortcut that allows you to evade a horde of undead, or discover a hidden weapon or two?

Infection: Handling Your Biggest Threat

Being infected isn’t fun, due to the small supply of Phalanx Pills in levels and the short time period before you become blind and eventually die (then reanimate), infection is easily your worst enemy. However, perhaps you’ve been a good teammate and helped aid a fellow survivor earlier? Perhaps that player is now holding the pills you so desperately need? As for lone wolves, your best chance of survival is knowing the precise location of the pills on each map and hoping you can make it there in time. Other than that, you could always offer that beloved rifle of yours or some spare ammo to another player in exchange for salvation? In my experience though you will often wind up being killed by a teammate and then looted if you attempt to bargain. The choice is yours.


Collecting Ammo

This isn’t Call of Duty, ammo isn’t given every 20 seconds, it’s hunted down and used with hesitation – something you come to realize very early on. Learning what ammunition works with what gun is key in NMRIH, grab it all and you’ll soon find yourself desperately trying to drop ammo to free up space for that shiny rifle lying on the ground, which could help stop the zombie that’s sprinting towards you from chomping on your face. It’s also a good thing to learn as it will help those around you that do have the right weapon survive longer and also potentially save your ass at some point. Ammo is coloured, so you’ll soon be naturally walking through rooms and knowing exactly what you need without having to check your inventory (9mm is orange, .22’s white, etc.) – it makes a big difference.

Working As A Team

Teamwork is extremely important in NMRIH, but not everyone thinks that way. Although not quite as punishing as Day Z, other players can be as much of a danger to you as the infected. Try your best to be nice to others and you might make a friend or two, be a selfish prick and expect a bullet in the back of the head the moment you become infected, or a lack of help when being grabbed by undead. It’s also a good idea to try to keep those around you in the best shape possible, go out of your way to aid players in sticky situations and offer wounded survivors your med-kit (for heavily wounded) or bandages (for bleeding – don’t use a med-kit unless you have to) and you’ll soon find them returning the favour. Also, if you have one, don’t be afraid to use your microphone, communication could save your life (or another players) in some situations.


The Undead: Engaging & Evading

One mistake I have seen made countless times, is survivors thinking they’re Arnold Schwarzenegger or Sylvester Stallone, taking out anything in their path. This is a bad idea, not only do the undead just continue spawning, but there’s simply no need for mass murder when you could instead lower your weapon, walk around slowly, and live to fight another day. The only time you should ever kill is when there’s a zombie blocking your path which cannot be evaded, or a runner heading towards you or another player in search of dinner. Also, a nice side-effect of this tactic, is that you save a lot more ammo, which can then be shared with others or kept for an even more dangerous encounter.

So there you go, five tips that should help improve the odds of you and your friends surviving the zombie apocalypse, it’s tough out there, good luck.

-Bill Boreham (@AngEalsh)

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