Friday Feeling: Best Story Twists

Friday Feeling

Stories in games come in for some stick at times. Every so often though, a superbly written narrative comes along and blows us our minds – usually with a twist we didn’t see coming. Here are some of the best…


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic – YOU are the Dark Lord of the Sith

Possibly the most famous of all gaming twists and certainly the most memorable to me. You knew BioWare were building up to some kind of revelation but, audaciously, it’s revealed that YOUR character is the very Sith Lord that has put the galaxy on the brink of war. A masterful twist around at the end of the games 2nd act, KOTOR remains one of the gaming industries greatest stories.


BioShock Infinite – De Witt and Comstock are the SAME PERSON

I’ve written at length about BioShock Infinite, and specifically its ending, before (take a click here and have a read). Taking advantage of BioShock’s twisty premise of quantum physics and parallel universes; scribe Ken Levine delivered a dizzying and memorable tale – and a shocking revelation. Protagonist Booker De Witt and the Wizard of Oz like antagonist Comstock are the same person. Mind. Blown.


Enslaved – The human race are enslaved… by a human trying to make them HAPPY

Enslaved is a great game and one not many people played. The story is a poignant one too. After the human race is practically wiped out in a war with mechs centuries ago; the remnants of humanity are enslaved by an entity known as Pyramid. Battling to the stories endgame, you find Pyramid is a human survivor from the “old days”, enslaving humans to give them memories and images of a happier time and sparing them from the horrors of the present day. Is this such a bad thing? That’s the questions our heroes, Trip and Monkey, have to answer.


Mario – The princess is in ANOTHER CASTLE

The grandaddy of all gaming twists. After a treacherous and devastating test to find the fabled castle and rescue Peach, you find out the Princess isn’t there. SHE’S IN ANOTHER CASTLE. This doesn’t happen just once. Oh no. Nintendo don’t roll like that. They mess with Mario’s head time and time again. No wonder he branched out into Tennis, Golf and Karting.

– Dave Green @davidpgreen83

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