FatCast: The Lowdown II

You may have noticed we do a bi-monthly podcast – the FATcast. It has some listeners. One listener is a FATcast historian, bravely recording the mutterings and madness within for prosperity. That man is Adam Findley. He has already revealed his tome once. Now, he returns with part two. We enjoy this and we hope you do too…

Let me start off with an apology.

Yes, I know, this month’s Lowdown is incredibly late. Like excruciatingly late. To point where some of the statistics are horribly out of date. My bad. I could go for another paragraph explaining and subsequently apologising for the catalogue of errors that led to this being so tardy. They boil down to the PC bullyingly-sized FATCast 10 being too big to download. That’s the short version. Sorry. A thousand apologies.

But rather than just give up and continue work on an upcoming historical article on GTA, I stuck my heels in and categorically refused defeat. The last Lowdown was met with such appreciation and praise by the staff and (some) readers at LFG (it was even mentioned in FATCast7) I knew I couldn’t just shoot this one in the face and cart it off to the glue factory. Or whatever factory dead articles/features are carted off to nowadays.

Aside from the wonderful written content on the site, Facebook and Twitter, the FATCasts are and remain, my favourite section of Low Fat Gaming’s growing empire (bet Dave will like that…). Whether you’re taking a well-earned break from staffing a well-known sport, health & fitness shop in western Ireland, trying to escape the kids in Bristol or just sitting bare-arsed on the john in Oz, these 10 or 11 sixty to ninety minutes of gaming news, debate and ridicule are incredibly addictive to listen to. Where else can you identify David’s (sorry, Dave’s) intense burning desire for Max Pain 3 (not a typo)? Or Matt’s first utterance of ‘guitarwanking’ the single, greatest swear word ever heard in the history of podcasts? Or Bill Metro/S.T.A.L.K.E.R/Zelda Boreham’s favourite game of 2013, Dark Archer Souls? Or Doug’s remarkable audio similarity to Graham Linehan? And Cam…

The FATCast’s aren’t just 3-4 guys sitting around insulting each other, bemoaning/praising games and churning out humorous answers to sycophantic reader questions. Well there is that, but what I’m getting at is it gives us a chance to see a more realistic side of gaming journalism. There is only so much one can write down to describe comprehensibly and competently a particular game, industry figure or topic in a credible, engaging way. You can’t just write; He’s a dick, this game is wank, all over a review for Aliens: Colonial Marines (although many have given it a damn good try) and still be seen as worthy of further reading. In a FATCast though, this is understandably different. A previously positive sounding preview for an upcoming game can be eradicated of all praise by speaking about it on the FATCast, yet still strengthen the fundamental points of the written review.

Hopefully I haven’t started waffling too much there. The point is I like a FATCast and you should too.

 By way of further apology here’s a load of Dave and (mostly) Matt quotes from previous instalments of the Low Fat Gaming FATCast, as well as other facts and statistics…

– Adam Findley

The Lowdown II


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