Friday Feeling: Secret Games We Can’t Wait To Play

Friday Feeling

Friday Feeling is BACK! After an extended break to refuel the creative juices; Friday Feeling is back to put that spring into your step as we head into the weekend. This week, we look at some unannounced games that we KNOW are on the way and can’t wait to see. Enjoy…half-life-3

Half-Life 3. Expected on PC, Linus, Steam iOS, PS4 and Xbox One

It HAS to happen. Half-Life fans have to be the most patient fanbase on the planet. It’s been 6 years (and counting) since the series finished on a massive cliffhanger in Half-Life 2: Episode 2 and there’s no end to the wait in sight. These days, Valve seem to be content in pushing operating systems and hardware than releasing AAA games but Half-Life 3 will be being worked on somewhere in Valve HQ; we wouldn’t be surprised to see it running on the completely new Source 2 engine. Half-Life 2 pushed the FPS envelope way back in 2004 and we expect HUGE things from HL3 when the curtain is finally pulled back. Whenever that will be.


Fallout 4. Expected on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

Bethesda are hard at work on something. And we think that something is Fallout 4 for the next-generation consoles and PC. It’s a safe bet; Bethesda tend to work on an Elder Scrolls entry and switch to a Fallout title. Expect to see something soon too, it’s been almost 2 years since the release of the epic Skyrim and the rumour is Fallout 4 will get its full reveal at this years VGAs in December. There’s more rumours floating around the internet about Fallout 4 than you can shake a radiated stick at – the location is supposedly based in New England and, particularly, Boston which is a relatively untapped locale in the gaming sphere. We’re huge fans of Bethesda here and can’t wait for more post-apocalyptic goodness.


Silent Hill. Expected on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

We’re big fans of horror here at Low Fat Gaming and we’re sad at the doldrums the Silent Hill franchise finds itself in. While we felt the last entry, Downpour, was an improvement on the dire Homecoming, the sales didn’t reflect it. The series is in serious need of a reboot and with the advent of new hardware on the horizon, there isn’t a better time. Konami will have ideas on a new title; Silent Hill is one of their most recognisable franchises and has a decent sized fan-base in the West AND Japan. We want to see a return to basics; pure psychological horror powered by the next-generation – a story that goes to a new place but keeps the pillars of the series in mind. Make it happen, Konami.

– Dave Green. Follow him on Twitter @davidpgreen83

What games are you dying to see over the next few years? We’re expected a tonne of announcements over the coming months – let us know what you think in the comments below, on our Facebook page by liking it here or by following us on Twitter. Thanks for reading.

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