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Missed out on any gaming news this week? Fear not, as James Patton is here to guide you through the Weekly News Blast!

Link comes to Nintendo's rescue.

Link comes to Nintendo’s rescue.

Some good news for the Nintendo fans out there! It appears that the release of The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker HD has indeed had the effect that the long-suffering Japanese giant had hoped. Wii U sales have seen a sharp spike since the release of the game, rising by as much as 685%. Of course, given how poor sales were prior to this, it’s not exactly surprising. The game itself managed to debut at number four in the UK Chart-Track All-Formats chart and with a reduction in price to the hardware that sees the Zelda Premium Pack retailing for £249.99 at Game, expect additional sales to follow.

Nintendo have just started their own aggressive marketing campaign, but they are not alone. Apparently, the UK games industry will spend a staggering £128 million on advertising over the coming Christmas period, with as much as £68 million being devoted exclusively to the Playstation 4 and Xbox One campaigns. No doubt, this will include the massive road show tours and lock-ins that are being conducted to bolster interest in the forthcoming next-gen gaming devices. If you want to get your hands on one early, then you’d better keep an eye out for these. Game stores will begin an extensive series of Xbox One lock-ins on Monday in Dundee – there will only be up to seventy places available per store, so act fast if you want to try out Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, Ryse and possibly more – sadly the software line-ups have yet to be confirmed.

Want early access to Ryse? Check out http://news.xbox.com/2013/09/xbox-one-tour for details.

Want early access to Ryse? Check out http://news.xbox.com/2013/09/xbox-one-tour for details.

Unsurprisingly, a game that will not be in attendance there, or anywhere in Germany for that matter, is Capcom’s upcoming open-world, zombie extravaganza, Dead Rising 3. The ridiculously strict German ratings board have denied the title classification, much like they did to the previous instalments in the series, which means that this key Xbox One title will miss out on the launch period there. Thankfully, for German gamers, they may just be able to import a copy instead…

Some great news for PC gamers emerged when Bohemia Interactive announced that the first part of the Arma III campaign mode would launch on Halloween with a piece of free DLC. Entitled “Survive”, this epic piece of single player content will allow players to control a soldier employed as part of a NATO peace keeping force. What’s even better for Arma fans is that the developer is using this opportunity to add even more content to the game, including additional animations and weapons. This is something that the developer is keen to continue doing as more campaign episodes become available.

It's been a week of controversy for the PS4.

It’s been a week of controversy for the PS4.

It has been a pretty bad week for Sony and their upcoming Playstation 4 console. Firstly Game Informer have discovered that the console is not entirely compatible with Bluetooth headsets, including Sony’s own Pulse branded devices. Sony has said that an update will be released eventually to rectify the issue, but they are supplying a wired controller with every unit which will work with chat services straight out of the box. If only all of their problems could be so easily rectified…

In worse news for the company, it emerged that Playstation 4 consoles being manufactured at the much maligned Chinese giant, Foxconn, were being assembled using forced student labour. According to Games In Asia, students attending the X’ian Institute of Technology have been forced into participating in an “internship” at the company, if a student refuses to take part in the program, then they will lose a total of six course credits which would effectively prevent them from graduating. More than 1000 students were involved in the scandal which prompted Foxconn to carry out their own internal investigation into the matter; it was found that students from X’ian were working overtime and night shifts, which is in direct contravention of the company’s policies. They also stated that students were free to leave at any time and were paid the same base salary as an entry-level worker. The internship was apparently designed to give students valuable experience and teach them about life, exactly how much they could possibly learn from gluing pieces of plastic together or placing cables and instruction manuals in boxes is yet to made clear however. For additional information, head over to Quartz (qz.com).

Well, that’s it for last week folks, sayonara!

 – James Patton.

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