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It’s time for a review from our lively community! LFG reader Martin Conmy puts run away success Dota 2 through its paces. Is it worth the download? Read on and find out…

Dota2 1

Over 6,500,000 unique players every month, and 60,000 daily viewers, makes Dota 2 the second most watched live game in the world. What makes this game so popular?

Dota 2 is a “free to play” game that is exclusive to Steam on PC. In theory the game is free, but the community spend a lot of real money in-game. This is evident from the $2,000,000 prize pool that was available to the top 2 teams in this years ‘The International 3’. The prize pool is directly affected by the community, as it’s a percentage of their purchases that determine the amount. Items purchased in-game do not affect gameplay in any way, they are completely cosmetic, which means there is no unfair advantage going into the game, these items are there simply for trading and to potentially increase your social standing online.

 Dota2 2

Dota is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA) style game. The objective of the game is to take out the enemy base. You do this by selecting a character from a pool of over 100. You are placed into a team with four other players and you battle it out on a set map against a team of five. The characters in the game are very diverse. Which means finding a character you like to use can take some time. The best way to learn how to play the game is to team up with someone who can carry a game and you can learn from them as you play.

Each game will take you roughly 40 minutes to complete, with some high level matches taking more than one hour. You’ll start every match at level one with little in the way of currency. The goal is to level up as fast as possible and make as much gold as you can so that you can purchase one of the hundreds of items that are available. Knowing the best items for your character is very important. The game has no Kill:Death ratio so it doesn’t matter how many kills that are stolen from you and other players can only see how many wins you have so it doesn’t matter how many games you lose starting off. A newbies heaven!

 Dota2 3

The game’s appeal is not down to it’s graphics (which are basic) or it’s story (non-existent), it’s down to the sense of teamwork you get when you work together and the community that supports and plays this game. The Dota community has been known for being unfriendly to new players (to say the least). However if you’re persistant and practice, you can play alongside some very interesting people, and maybe play with some professional e-sports players at the same time. It might be best though, at first, to team up with people you know and ease your way in.

I enjoy playing this game. I see every match as being unique, although they seem repetitive initially. At first all I did was spawn, I was an easy target for the good players especially since I didn’t know how to counter certain enemies moves, particularly Sniper’s main attack which can kill you in one from halfway across the map! After around 70 matches I’m still new to the game compared to the people who have over 1,000 games played. However I’ve concentrated my focus on using only a few characters. Which means I have 30 hours experience with each of my characters of choice, this technique has me on a 80% win ratio at time of writing.

Dota 2 is a game that you could put 1,000+ hours into, the lack of a single player/story mode is the only reason it drops a point.


– Martin Conmy

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