State of Play: PS4 Exclusives

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The next-generation of console gaming is just months away. With that in mind, we continue to look at the platform exclusive games on offer on the new Microsoft and Sony platforms. We’ve already looked at the Xbox One (here), so now it’s the turn of the PS4. Which games will be vying for your hard-earned this Winter? Read on…

dc online universe

DC Universe Online (2013)

While already released for PS3 and PC, the PS4 will see the ultimate version of DC Universe Online – and it’s free-to-play. With Microsoft somewhat light on the MMO front, and superheroes being eternally popular, Sony will be hoping that new PS4 owners will give the DCUO a try. It IS free after all.

After being well received on PC, the PS3 version didn’t do too well due to hardware restrictions and Sony’s well-documented infrastructure issues on the console. None of this should be a problem on the PS4 though. Being able to create your own superhero to fight alongside the likes of Batman, Superman, The Flash and company is a massive draw, and DC Universe Online is sure to be a feather in the cap for the PS4.

deep down 1

Deep Down (2014)

While many, including us, initially thought Deep Down would be a next-gen sequel to Capcom’s excellent Dragon’s Dogma – it turns out it’s an exclusive action RPG for the PS4. Colour us intrigued.

While not a lot is known about the game, we do know this. The debut trailer, using the in-game trailer, is stunning. Built specifically for the next-generation, Deep Down looked head and shoulders better than any other game on stage back at the PS4 reveal. There’s a few hints at what the game is about too. It looks VERY similar to Dragon’s Dogma – think Skyrim mixed with Dark Souls and Monster Hunter and you’re almost there. We’re looking forward to this one.

the Order 1886 1

The Order: 1886 (2014)

An interesting one, this. Set in an alternative Victorian London, The Order: 1886 is a third-person action game which sees you battling inhuman enemies such as vampires and werewolves – with historical figures such as Jack The Ripper making an appearance.

Not much is known beyond that. New generations are a great time to launch new IP and with Sony Santa Monica at the helm, don’t bet against this being the PS4s Uncharted.

Infamous 1

Infamous: Second Son (2014)

The Infamous series has always been a love/hate one. With an unlikeable protagonist. With the advent of PS4, Infamous is back and Second Son is giving the series a fresh start.

While we still have doubts about the likeability of the playable character, there is no questioning the graphical prowess of the game. Screenshots suggest the game is taking advantage of the PS4s bevy of tricks and Seattle will be your playground. It’s definitely one you’ll be showing off to your mates in 2014.

killzone shadowfall

Killzone: Shadowfall (Launch)

First things first, it’s nice to see Killzone finally ditching the brown and grey colour scheme. Blue and yellow are so 2013, honey.

While the game looks impressive, we have our doubts on this one. We’ve never been fans of the franchise, and the gameplay footage suggested this new entry isn’t pushing the boat out like Destiny or Titanfall.

Still, Guerilla are now chumps (chimps?) and we’ll keep an open mind on this one. It is Sony’s flagship launch title, after all.


DriveClub (Launch)

Sony are certainly brave going up against the mighty Forza. Still, DriveClub has pedigree of its own; it’s from the creators of WRC and Motorstorm.

It does stand out from the crowd too – it’s a free-to-play title that will focus on the thrill of driving a car itself, making itself more accessible and immediate than Forza or Gran Tourismo. With full on-line team management, this could be one to watch.

Knack 1

Knack (Launch)

Family-friendly and passion project of head PS4 architect Mark Cerny, Knack is a vibrant, third-person adventure platformer that looks almost like a Pixar or Dreamworks CGI movie.

While some may scoff, and Knack IS a terrible name by the way, Cerny has pedigree with Crash Bandicoot and Spyro. Don’t forget, no-one knows the ins and outs of the console like him, so this could potential push the console in ways we can’t imagine. We’ll find out at the PS4s launch.

Honourable mentions: The PS4 is also home to many indie titles – some exclusive, some not. We’ll be looking into these in more depth after GamesCom where we hope to find more concrete details on the likes of The Witness and Octodad.

While the PS4 doesn’t have the same volume of exclusives as the Xbox One it isn’t short on quality and interesting titles. Which ones will you be picking up?

– Dave Green. He’s on Twitter @davidpgreen83

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