Feature: State Of Decay Survival Guide


After playing hours of the new State Of Decay XBLA title, we discovered the game is very hard, and it is very easy to die if you do things the wrong way. Do it the right way and you really begin to enjoy the postponement of your somewhat inevitable death. Here’s a list of things you NEED to pay attention to in order to make that postponement as long as possible…


1. Don’t be a twat, a reckless twat.

The worst thing you can do in this game is to go out ‘all guns blazing’. You do that? You’re a twat, not only are you a twat, you’re soon to be an undead twat. Our advice? Don’t be a twat and crouch whenever you’re looting an area and stay quiet. When looting, there is an option to mash “Right Bumper” to speed up the process – don’t. It may speed things up but you’ll almost inevitably ring the metaphorical dinner bell for those biting cunts. You wanna go rummaging around quickly and risk your balls? Only press that bumper when you have 3 chomping Zeds gnawing at you and you have to haul ass. Otherwise, stay quiet and take your time – trust me, it’s permanent death for a character and there are no checkpoints.


2. Do not ignore recourse requests.

If your base doesn’t have enough beds, people will succumb to the effects of sleep deprivation and, eventually, leave in search of better accommodation. If you don’t have enough food, they’ll starve to death. Skimp on gas and you won’t have any electricity for your fancy, old world light fittings, run short of medicine, and – well, you get the idea. Less equals bad. You get bit and have no medicine? Dead. You come home totally fatigued and need a hot chow but you’re all out? Dead. You tired and need sleep but ain’t got no bed…? You get the idea. Take our advice and listen.


3. Don’t overload your inventory with shit you don’t need.

When you’re off scavenging supplies you need terribly, take a gun – enough ammo to take out 10 Zeds, a silencer and some meds. Not that bloody dolls head you found in your garage – if you’re all out of ammo and need to get some quick, it is not easy to open up your inventory and drop that fucking dolls head – especially in the process of having your stomach ripped to shreds by some feral ghoul. Trust us, we’ve been there –  trying to reload our shotgun while a bloated Zed rips us in two. Our favourite character – gone; although we did earn a super sweet 20G achievement as we died. Not good, you need as many survivors in your enclave and by having that dolls head, you just lost a key part.


4. Do not Send someone to scavenge somewhere far away from your home.

The map is huge, and unlike other games, the A.I will individually travel to the scavenge point in real-time. Therefore if you send a person to the other side of the map, they will take the same amount of time to get to the other side of the map as you would on foot – it’s certain that they’re going to run into at least 20 rampant zombie hordes, and by doing that, they’re dead for sure. You need people in your enclave, this game is as realistic as zombie games go and we suggest you send your people to the closest place possible to home and if you do decide to forage in some far town, go with them. Armed to the teeth.


5. Don’t Ignore fortifications and outposts.

You can make a house a home in ANY building in this game, and by doing this you can drop supplies in all these buildings – you do not know how helpful that is. You need to fully search a building to make it an outpost but by doing this, you won’t have Zeds spawn here, therefore preventing zombie hordes invading your home; and if you’ve seen The Walking Dead, you will know that if 50 Zombies come towards your home whilst you’re gone? Chances are, your enclave will survive by the skin of their teeth, meaning most will die and all your ammo is gone. Make those outposts! You need them to survive.


6. Don’t stay as the same character the whole time.

As in real life, people get tired, and if you get emotionally attached to one character like we did, you’ll learn the hard way that when someone is tired they can’t swing a bat at a zombie’s head nor can they shoot for shit. You do a mission which reduces your fitness bar? Rotate to another character and begin a new mission. You must do this otherwise you will stumble upon a horde of the undead and they will rip you apart, so once your job is done, go home, switch to that chick you just saved and do some more work whilst your favourite character gets their well needed rest.



When someone dies in State Of Decay, it triggers a chain reaction of more death upon your enclave – if a survivors boyfriend dies then she will literally go in one of your cars you found and drive into town and get themselves killed because they’re sad and alone. It’s not just a bite that will kill in this, morality and well-being is very important too – almost more so.

Good luck survivor.

– Cameron Harris. Help him survive on Twitter @c4meronh4rris

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