Weekly News Blast

News Blast

So, what has happened this week? We here at Low Fat Gaming cast our beady eyes over the gaming world and see what’s going on:

blackflagAssassin’s Creed creator sues Ubisoft

Patrice Desilets files suit against publisher, seeking $400,000 and rights to purchase 1666 franchise.


Publishers undecided on blocking Xbox One preowned sales

Microsoft announced yesterday that decisions about allowing used Xbox One games would be left up to publishers. Though the power is in their hands, the companies behind Call of Duty and Grand Theft Auto among others, aren’t yet ready to discuss what plans they have for the secondhand market – is this promising? Or to the contrary?


Games out this week include:

Remember Me (review coming soon) – mixed reviews from around the Internet.

Skyrim: Legendary Edition – a conglomeration of all the DLCs packed into one disc.

State Of Decay – XBLA title, it’s had impressive reviews.

XBLA Award winning title LIMBO is available to buy on the PS Vita.

Expect great things from third parties this year

E3 Incoming

If you want to see some news about the upcoming E3 in LA this year then check out the site to see our predictions and insights from the different developers, publishers and franchises.


The Grapevine

Recently a teaser trailer was announced which showed some tweets, all of which roughly said “we need a Fable HD remake” – that now has been confirmed – a Fable HD remake is to come out this year, sometime soon. However, it will not be available for PC. Expect to see at E3 this year? We hope so.

We have a feeling the story is going to be an emotional one.

A blast of reviews for newly released games via Metacritic:

The Last of Us : 96% (PS3)

State Of Decay: 78%(360)

Remember Me: 69%(360, PS3)

Fuse: 62% (360, PS3)

Metro: Last Light: 80% (360, PS3, PC)

Star Trek: 43% (360, PS3, PC)

– Cameron Harris, follow him on twitter: @C4meronH4rris

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