An Open Letter to Microsoft



I’ve been an Xbox owner since the original Xbox launched in Europe, way back in 2002. I’ll be buying an Xbox One. Your new console looks exciting and future proof. I genuinely can’t wait to see the games you reveal for it at E3. I’m in a privileged position; I have my own income, I usually only buy new products and my consoles are always connected to the Internet – I’m your ideal customer. Problem is, you’re building a console for a future that isn’t here yet and you’re in danger of leaving a lot of loyal gamers behind.

I’m not talking about your pre-owned plans or Kinect. To be honest they don’t bother me. I actually like the idea of installing all my games and the uses your cloud technology will give me. What worries me is your insistence of having to connect to the Internet every 24 hours. Why? Like I said, I’m always connected. Not everyone is though – sometimes without a choice. Just this week, a gaming journalist I follow on twitter was lamenting the fact his Internet was down and wouldn’t be fixed for a week. If he had an Xbox One; he wouldn’t be able to play his games that he had paid good money for. Why should he be punished?

I get the reasons why you want your console to be in almost constant contact with the Internet – I like most of the reasons. However, when I’ve paid money to licence a game (quick one for readers – read an instruction manual to any game. We’ve always been paying for the licence. Companies have never had the means to enforce there rules until now), I’d expect to be able to access that game whenever I choose – as long as I haven’t broken the law and especially if circumstances were taken out of my hands; like, for instance, my Internet provider going down or, god forbid, Xbox Live failing.

So, a compromise. If I can’t connect to the Internet for some reason within my 24 hour time-frame, why not insist on booting from the game disc? After all, that will be proof that I still own that game. Sure, I’ll be missing out on many surely superb updates, cloud functionality and multiplayer but at least I’ll be getting the bare minimum from the license I paid for. Would this be so bad?

Yours faithfully,

Dave Green, Editor of Low Fat Gaming. Reply to me on Twitter @davidpgreen83

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2 comments on “An Open Letter to Microsoft

  1. Glad this letter.was.sent thanks.guys :)) i.dont ave internet and its only once or twice a year i get to connect my 360 to the internet so i wont be buying this new console which.i.would have bought if only it didnt have to connect every 24hrs.guess im not buying it and im pretty disappointed about.that 😦 ill.see wot sony has to offer.


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