Friday Feeling: Best E3 Moments

Friday Feeling

E3 is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited. It promises to be one of the most memorable of recent times with new hardware and a new generation about to begin. Join us with an E3 FRIDAY FEELING special as we take a look at some of the best moments from E3’s gone by…


Available… NOW!

It was a journalists dream but a nightmare for everyone else. Bloody exciting though! The year was 1995 and SEGA were still in the business of making hardware and their latest, the SEGA Saturn, was just around the corner. Competition was heating up though – Nintendo were prepping their Ultra 64 (wisely renamed as the N64) and everyone was talking about the new kid on the block, Sony’s Playstation. In a move that stunned everyone, SEGA took to the E3 stage to announce that the release date of the Saturn was… TODAY! As they spoke, brand new SEGA Saturn’s (with 5 launch titles) were being shipped to stores for surprised gamers to buy – the 64 bit generation had started.

Not to be outdone, Sony then announced their debut Playstation would launch at the end of the year… a whole $100 cheaper than the Saturn. The rest is history.


Nice… Tattoo?

Peter Moore, the eternal showman. Back when the EA man was the head honcho of games at Microsoft, old Pete would reveal exciting, new titles in a rather peculiar way. Think eye-gougingly tacky, over colourful tattoos and your almost there – just add games. Yes, to the gaming worlds horror, delight, amusement and bemusement the man who looks like Satan’s brother decided to announce the release date for original Xbox exclusive Halo 2 by having it semi-permanently (though some say he still has it) tattooed on his arm.

Not to be outdone by himself, he repeated the trick a few years later when Microsoft secured exclusive DLC rights for GTA IV. Mr Moore must love tattoo’s. I for one hope every release date announcement at this years E3 is announced in Moore’s unique style.


Serious Cosplay

It was probably the moment Shigeru Miyamoto ceased being a genius games developer and became a full-fledged “comedy” side-kick for Nintendo – it was an unforgettable E3 moment though. For years, Nintendo fans had clamoured for a “grown-up” style Zelda game; realistic, dark and gritty. In 2006 Nintendo obliged by giving Zelda: Twilight Princess a full-reveal at E3. The trailer, clearly influenced by The Lord of the Rings, was everything everyone wanted and more. Just as the watching audience were picking their jaws from the ground, Miyamoto leaped on stage wielding a sword and shield – just like our hero Link.

Weird, cringe-worthy, a little sad but completely awesome.


Giant Enemy Shat

Sony’s 2006 E3 conference is the stuff of legends. For one, you had Kazou Hirai’s lacklustre attempts to whip up the excitement for the PS3 (Riiiiiiddddggggeee Raaaccccceeeerrr!) and claiming he wanted consumers to want to work two jobs to pay for Sony’s new console (seriously). Things got weirder. Sony decided to showcase shatto game Genji to a bemused crowd. On noting that the game was a slave to historic detail, the presenter entered a cave to be encounter by a Giant Enemy Crab.

A meme sensation was born. In fact, Giant Enemy Crab was a contending name for this very website…

– Dave Green. Give him a follow on Twitter @davidpgreen83

What E3 moments stand out for you? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter @lowfatgaming and on our Facebook community page.

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