E3: What To Expect From Third Parties

Expect great things from third parties this year

Expect great things from third parties this year

Its not all about the Big 3. Some of the next generations most exciting games are coming from the independent third parties, and you can expect plenty of current gen action too. Matt Reynolds takes a look at just a handful of the games that will be on show…


‘The Worst Company in the World’ will once again be showing how evil they are by bringing out a seemingly endless stream of excellent, top quality titles for the gaming public’s perusal. We will possibly get a glimpse into EA’s plans for their newly acquired Star Wars license – something that would make a lot of people very, very happy. Some games we can definitely expect to see – Bioware’s Dragon Age Inquisition and Dice’s Battlefield 4. We may very well see the much-rumoured Mirror’s Edge 2 as well – but will it be at EA’s own keynote, or at Microsoft’s as an Xbox One exclusive? We will see a LOT more of their massive sports franchises such as FIFA and Madden, the latest on Need 4 Speed Rivals and we will almost certainly get a glimpse of The Sims 4.



One of the biggest and busiest publishers; Ubisoft have a lot of big games to show. The one everyone is wanting more of is of course Watch_Dogs, closely followed by Assassin’s Creed IV:Black Flag. Expect hands on gameplay demos of both these gargantuan titles – both are also coming to current gen so we should also get our first glimpse of how the ancient tech is bearing up trying to run these games. Speaking of current gen; they will be showing South Park: The Stick of TruthRayman Legends and Splinter Cell Blacklist – Ubi certainly love their subtitles. All three games are looking very strong and we can’t wait to see more.



There’s only one game that people want to see at E3 from Konami – Metal Gear Solid 5: The Phantom Pain. Every MGS game is met with rapturous joy, and we expect E3 2013 to be no different. Expect to hear from Kojima Studios information on gameplay, but more importantly just WHO is playing Solid Snake/Big Boss this time around. Because the voice actor is more important than the actual gameplay, right?



Capcom no doubt have several major next gen games in the works. The only one we know for sure so far is Deep Down, a fantasy epic that may very well be the working title for Dragon’s Dogma 2. Expect more on this at E3. A leaked document that may or may not be fake tells us that Dead Rising 3 may be announced for next gen consoles too. We love DR and would enjoy seeing this happen. Some other strong Capcom franchises that could possibly appear at a stretch are Street Fighter and Devil May Cry, but we doubt it. We will see more of the current gen Lost Planet 3 though.


Square Enix

Square made a brief and enigmatic (disappointing?) appearance in February at Sony’s PS4 unveiling. Simply saying ‘Be excited for E3’; they disappeared into the night like impeccably stylish ninjas. We have seen Agni’s Philosophy – an extremely impressive tech demo showcasing their next gen Luminous Engine. So what games could they show? You can bet your bottom dollar that Final Fantasy will be there. Quite what form it will take is anyone’s guess, but rumour has it that Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been reworked and rebranded as Final Fantasy XV – allegedly boasting an open world bigger than Skyrim. Interesting indeed…We may also see something on next gen Hitman, and Avalanche may well be showing Just Cause 3  under the Square-Enix banner.



We’ve seen quite a bit of Bungie’s monolithic new franchise Destiny already; but at E3 people are going to see a decent chunk of gameplay, and the press at the very least will be getting a hands on. We know its an always online, massively multiplayer shooter in a persistent, living world; but hopefully we will get a much better idea of how the meat of the game works. Bungie have staked everything on this; and you can be sure they’ll be pushing it aggressively.



The internet has been rife with speculation on Fallout 4 – will it be announced, and more importantly will it be Xbox One exclusive? We at LFG are very very skeptical about that – it wouldn’t make good business sense; and Bethesda lost a lot of goodwill with PS3 owners over the Skyrim debacle. If anything, it would make more sense to appease Sony with some timed-exclusive DLC. Whatever platform it ends up on, we just want to see it announced.

-Matt Reynolds. Follow him on Twitter @TheLostMoment.

Any big games we’ve missed? Hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and tell us! Our E3 coverage continues tomorrow with Microsoft.

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