Friday Feeling: PS4 or Xbox One?

Friday Feeling

At last – we’ve finally had a taste of what the next-generation of consoles has in store for us. With the PS4 and Xbox One revealed to the world at large, their expected release at the end of the year can’t come soon enough. While both reveal meetings left us with just as many questions as answers, we asked our community which console they’d be buying at launch – if they could only buy one. The results were interesting…


I’m Buying a Playstation 4 – 68% of the vote

Pre-E3, the Playstation 4 is the clear forerunner with our readers and community. While surprisingly little was said about the console or its functions, and Sony’s overall strategy for the platform, the Japanese companies decision to showcase multiple 1st and 3rd party titles at its conference has captured people’s imaginations. With E3 around the corner, Sony are expected to reveal more on their launch line-up, with further looks at Knack, Killzone, Drive Club and Infamous expected and hopefully some surprises (new Uncharted please!). Bare in mind though, Sony will HAVE to deal with the fallout from the Xbox One reveal – do their games require installation too? Just how dependent on the cloud and internet is the PS4? What we do know is Sony have always had a strong 1st party line-up and this is getting gamers excited. Everything else? We’ll find out in 2 short weeks!

Infamous Second Son; just one of the titles showcased at Sony's February reveal.

Infamous Second Son; just one of the titles showcased at Sony’s February reveal.

Words from the community:

“Playstation 4, I was so underwhelmed by the Xbox One all waving your hands and talking to it It didn’t make me think I need to have one.” – Rachel Heywood

“Having watched the Xbox reveal yesterday, I can honestly say that I’ve never been more excited about buying a Playstation. PS4 seems to be the more gamer focused of the two. I’ve zero interest in an all in one device”. – Timmy Murray

“The right now is why i choose PS4, more games that i know i want, but could change at E3”. –  Vincent Thompson

Games Xbox

I’m Buying an Xbox One – 32% of the vote

Although billed as a 2 part reveal, many of our readers were surprised by Microsoft’s multimedia orientated presentation. So much so that only 32% of you can see the potential the machine has. While many have cited the lack of games at the reveal as a cause for consternation, just as many have voiced unhappiness with the name and look of the machine to its mandatory game installation, reliance on cloud and its upgraded Kinect camera. With E3 to come, Microsoft need to go big on the games to win back many a gamers heart – and big is promised. Microsoft has stated they have 15 exclusive games in the works for release over the next 12 months – the most they’ve ever had; we can look out for new IP mixed with old favourites such as Fable, Halo and Project Gotham Racing to join the already announced Forza 5 and Quantum Break. This might not be enough though; Microsoft will hope some of Sony’s strategies prove just as unpopular as theirs…

Forza 5 is confirmed for launch. We'll have to wait until E3 to know what else is on its way...

Forza 5 is confirmed for launch. We’ll have to wait until E3 to know what else is on its way…

Words from the community:

“I’ve always had better experiences with the Xbox, and by some profound reason the Xbox draws me in more, so Xbox”. – Luke Kennedy

“I’m still waiting on clarification but I’ll probably end up with an Xbox. I refuse to call it Xbox One”. – Andrew MacKenzie

“It’s genuinely exciting times for the next-gen after yesterday’s reveal, they picked the wrong game IP’s to show the potential of Xbox One though I feel. It’s all about E3 now!” – Josh Tarpey

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– Dave Green – He’s on Twitter, follow him at @davidpgreen83

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